I fixed the problem of my right and wrong knitting sides on the In Threes cardigan being confused. On row 37, which should have been straight knit all the way across, I had knit across for about 70 stitches, then for some unknown reason had knit all the way back again rather than continuing across the row. Unravelling identified the problem fairly swiftly (“oh no, that’s what happened, how could I have been so stupid” or words to that effect.) The good news is that I only needed to unravel part of row 38 and all of row 37, rather than back to row 35 where I thought I’d introduced the error. With 189 stitches per way that’s a fair bit of effort saved. Because of course I wouldn’t screw up any of the shorter rows, would I? That would be far too sensible.


Correct number of stitches back on needle? – CHECK

Stitches all pointing the right way – WHO CAN TELL – but probably

Correct size needle tips swapped back onto cable – YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS

Right. While I was waiting for Small Girl to go to bed I had a quick go at the Babette square pattern with some left over yarn. It’s not too bad at all. I need to do a little work on tidying the centre ring and on reducing the slight line that’s visible where each row joins to itself, but I am cautiously optimistic that I can do justice to the pattern. Nearly time to buy yarn!

I’ll know tomorrow if I really have fixed the knitting problem. Is it bad that I’m considering celebrating my first solo fault-finding and fix with a new set of crochet hooks? 🙂

Trial 4 round Babette square


2 thoughts on “Hu-blooming-rray

  1. Whoop, whoop!! Clever girl! Loving the Babette square too, I’ve got two balls left of my shocking Pink Rico and am planning on buying a ball every time I go to my LYS to space it out a bit. Hopefully by the time YoP is done or I’ve finished all my projects on the list (ha, yeah right!) I’ll have enough to just get on with it…. We’ll see!

  2. Thank you Becky! I’m so pleased to be over that learning bump. I think that at your current speed you’ll be starting a Babette by Christmas!

    Your plan sounds good to me. I may do my Babette in the Rico too, I’ve bought some of both the Rico and the Lang to try to help decide.

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