Year of Projects List

I have signed up for the Ravelry Year of Projects Blog-a-long (linkie on the right). The plan is to document the projects that I’d like to do over the next 12 months and to post an update each Sunday. I’m doing this to gain a little focus and control (over both crafting and blogging), and to build a few new skills in both, as well as plugging a few wardrobe/home furnishing gaps. I will almost certainly do other projects as well as those descibed here.  For anyone who is on Ravelry, my profile is here. I have tried to include non-Ravelry links where possible below but have not always been able to do so.

Granny Stripes – finish and border the Ice Cream Blues blanket. I’m not going to jinx this one by saying that it shouldn’t take too long… Crochet. Stash busting. Ravelry link my blog link . Update – finished 16th July 2011.

In Threes cardigan for Small Girl. This is hopefully the gentle run-in before tackling the cardigan and dress below. Ravelry link Finished!

Elle Melle cardigan. This one is giving me the heebie-jeebies with its talk of provisional cast-ons and picking up stitches. Also it’s in stripes, though I might go for a semi-solid colour instead. However, a lovely friend bought me the pattern, I don’t want to procrastinate until Small Girl grows out of it, and I think it’s gorgeous. Knit. Ravelry link   non-Ravelry link

Big Sister dress. This one gives me the fear on account of it being knit entirely in the round. It’s beautiful, though. Knit. Ravelry link non-Ravelry link

Babette blanket. This is the biggie. I want to do it in a scheme of pinks and purples with perhaps some cream, orange and yellow too. Probably a rather reduced palette of colours compared to the original. Pansies at sunset. Crochet. Ravelry link non-Ravelry link

Stephen West’s Purl Ridge scarf. Knit. In the round. Ravelry link. non-Ravelry link Finished!

The first job is to finish the Ice Cream Blues granny stripes blanket. Wish me luck…


I always enjoy comments, thank you for reading.

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