Cute as a button (or three)

160720113004Another finished project – the beautiful In Threes cardigan from “Kelly Without a Net” for my girl. I love the way this one lives up to its name. Three bands of garter stitch top and bottom. Three buttons. Three attempts at row 36*. All for my three year old daughter. I am very happy with it and more than delighted with what I’ve learned from it. Button holes, armholes, increases, binding off sections within a row, casting on within a row, and the value of sheer dogged determination. I’ve also done my first Russian join (not signing up to foreign intelligence as the Mister quipped) and learned that not every mistake is a dropped stitch, but may well be a twisted stitch. I’ve discovered that even though continental knitting is quicker, I really have to watch my tension (gauge) and it might just be wiser to get better at English-style. Thank you so much to every one who helped me to learn on this project.

I now have a sneaking feeling that I may have to add a couple more projects to my list.160720113003 I seem to be finishing things more often than I expected. My next project will be the Stephen West Purl Ridge scarf (Non-Ravelry link here) as we are now into the 6 week nursery holiday and my free time and concentration will be limited.  This one will teach me knitting in the round. I’ve been dithering over Babette, after seeing Project: Stash’s lovely start on this beauty (sorry, no non-Rav link). Still, we are not exactly short of beautiful bed coverings in this house, especially considering that we use duvets and I’ve already made two blankets this year**, so there is no rush to decide.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your projects too. Many thanks too if you’ve followed the redirect across from mixedbabygreens – much appreciated, and apologies for any inconvenience.

* I should say that row 36 is not in the slightest bit difficult, I just made a whole raft of school-girl errors before getting it right.

** Three if you count the baby blanket that took nearly three years to finish.


22 thoughts on “Cute as a button (or three)

  1. Ooohh, I love your new blog (yay!) and I absolutely adore your In Threes cardi — you are such a talented knitter and I’m sure you’ll be so proud whenever your lovely wears this. Expect tons of compliments when passer-bys ask who made it! As for knitting in the round, it’s easy peasy. And as for knitting another blanket for your home, as you can probably tell, I’m a huge blanket girl and find that one can never have too many. Happy knitting, friend.

    • Thank you, you are too kind! And happy knitting to you too 🙂 I think I probably will end up doing more blankets, but I can see the sense in using up the wool I do have first for that lovely scarf. Meanwhile, I shall continue to enjoy your lovely blog for inspiration and aspiration!

    • Thank you! I haven’t yet got her to wear it, she is still happily in her nightie at nearly 3 on a grey Sunday afternoon. The buttons are so pretty, I wanted the larger top one to be in the same scheme as the other two but it wasn’t to be. The other choice was to go rock and roll with either black or shiny, but I had the pink ones ready to go….

  2. It turned out great! Love the color too. Sounds like too much to learn for me for one item. I like to do one thing at a time when learning. Congrats to you.

  3. Well done!! It is simply lovely and I must say there is nothing better than seeing someone wear a garment you have knitted up! I have mostly knit for my granddaughters and it has been so satisfying. The projects I have learned the most on, have been my favorites. I am actually knitting my first ever thing for myself, a Stephen West shawlette, Little Colonnades. I will be posting pics on my blog today.

  4. I love the cardi, I so need girls to knit for. I am surronded by boys. As for the babette blanket, you can’t go wrong even if you make it into a lap blanket.

    • Thank you! It’s funny isn’t it, much as I love doing the girly stuff I’ll be quite happy on the day when Small Girl considers other colours than pink. I think I would want to do a full size Babette, it may just end up being pushed back a few months.

  5. I love the cardi. Its on my YoP list too. Which yarn did you use as it really shows off the stitch definition. I’ve been knitting for years but still seem to find something new to learn – this week it was the magic loop technique. Once you start knitting in the round you’ll want all projects to be in the round! xx

    • Thank you! The yarn is a very un-acrylic feeling acrylic – Rico Kids Classis Aran. It was lovely to knit with, occasionally a little bit splitty though to be fair that was when it had been frogged twice. I’m more scared about joining the round than I am knitting in it, if that makes sense!

  6. It turned out gorgeous and a pretty pink for your girl. So glad you saw it out to the end. I may have put it down and it would have ended up in no mans land. lol Looking forward to seeing more of your finished projects.

  7. Too cute sweater. I also have Purl Ridge Scarf in my queue. Want to find an interesting yarn for it and my stash seems to be mostly solids.

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