this week’s little miracles

round round get around I get aroundWorking on The Stephen West Purl Ridge Scarf has been something of a revelation. Circular knitting – success! No seaming needed,  neat rows of stocking stitch without making a single purl, and although you can see the join where the purls don’t quite line up I’m still very happy with it.

I learned to separate plies and break them with my bare hands to make felted joins, which are another wonder, along with my super-human strength Winking smile.  I have no idea why I thought the yarn would be stronger than it was. No ends, no knots and a satisfying amount of woolly magic.  Excellent. The best join, of course, was the one where I smartly felted the start of the new yarn to the end of the cast-on tail :headslap: Just when I think I must be running out of rookie mistakes, along comes a new one.

A felted joinIt’s possible that I may need a third ball of the Artesano Aran. The first of the two balls has got me  a couple of rows shy of half way, even after felting in the few yards left over after miscalculating the long-tail cast on. It is quite a big aran and my row tension is easy-going, shall we say. If I can’t get a third ball to match I’ll skip one of the six main repeats, but if I can I might make a hat too. :happy dance:

So all in all, a good week. I’m hoping that I’ll find enough knitting time to finish the scarf before next week’s update. We’re going on a yarn hunt either today or Tuesday to recce wools for the Elle Melle cardigan and  Big Sister dress. Thank you for reading, I hope that you have had a great week too!

nearly half-way


17 thoughts on “this week’s little miracles

    • Thank you! I followed the instructions on and they all turned out fine. Of course I won’t know for sure until the scarf never falls apart, but so far so good.

      I love the blanket and the pink yarn that you’ve posted. I’m so sorry not to post directly on your blog, but I can’t post with my Open ID (wordpress) and I don’t really want a Google account. SIncere apologies, I do read it every week.

  1. looks lovely so far 🙂 – i’ve not tried joining that way yet – i’ve just twisted together and held my breath for the next 2 or 3 rows in the hope it doesn’t unravel! Will have to try felted joins, certainly sound a lot less stressful!

  2. It’s beautiful! I still have yet to try the splice technique, I use the russian join with all my yarns, yes I mainly knit with acrylic cause I’m too darn lazy to hand wash anything!

    • Thank you. Most of my knitting is acrylic too, but as this one’s for me I thought I’d indulge myself. I think the yarn can be machine washed on a delicate cool cycle. I’m going to make a swatch to test-wash.

  3. I think what i love best about this challenge (aside from blaming others for my yarn purchases) is all the new techinques I read about. keep up the good work and i love the blue yarn you are using.

  4. I love circular knitting! Glad it was successful for you–also,never heard of the kind of join you are talking about—must investigate further. 🙂
    Have fun on your yarn hunt.

  5. Great colour yarn. I love knitting in the round too but have to choose projects that dont require changing to dpn’s which I can’t for the life of me use without dropping stitches. Have a good week. xoxox

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