things that I might have bought this week

Three balls of a lovely pink blend to make the Big Sister dress for Small Girl. There were many delightful colours to choose from, but she chose pink. I’ll retain parental prerogative over the choice of the contrast colour for the Elle Melle cardigan however as I can see pink fatigue setting in soon (for me, not her).



250720113035Another three balls of Lang Tissa aran cotton for the gerbera-themed Babette blanket that I was going to put on the back burner whilst I tried to convince myself that I really had made enough blankets.  I will have to knuckle down and just call it a “throw” as the alternative is to think wistfully of what it could have been, for the rest of my life.

Six beautiful stitch markers, two of which only show in the photo when I remove the border.


A hat pattern for the extra skein of Artesano that I also might have bought (which might be at the top of the first photo).

Two fat quarters of cotton and a metre of ribbon to make cloaks for Small Girl’s (Prince)Ken and (Princess) Ariel dolls. Ken, apparently, wanted white whilst Ariel wanted something pink and busy.

Marks and Spencer shortbread biscuits in a Red Telephone Box tin. But it certainly wasn’t me who ate most of the shortbread in the last 3 days. Nope, certainly not, that would be the action of a solo parenting mother frazzled by the heat and seeking comfort in biscuits (and yarn) whilst her husband was on the other side of the Atlantic. oh hang on…


2 thoughts on “things that I might have bought this week

  1. Oooh! Lovely yarn. I was thinking ‘She must shop at Crafty Yarn too…’ then I spotted the stitch markers I made! Abby is kindly stocking them for me. I love the colours you’ve chosen for your blanket – so summery & fresh. Jo x

    • ha ha, yes, busted! There are some lovely yarn shops around here, but yes, that haul is all from Abby. The stitch markers are beautiful, thank you. One day I will get around to buying some tiger tail and making some up myself. Thank you for the compliments 🙂

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