(no) capes, darlink

Edna Mode’s words would fall on deaf ears here. Small Girl was earnestly sobbing two bed-times ago about how Ken needed a cape and Ariel would like one too please. My improvised effort with a face-cloth and some twisted wool was reluctantly accepted with an agreement that we would choose material the next day and I would make a Proper Cape, “with cloth and string, Mummy”. It’s so hard to say no when her daddy is on the other side of the pond and her request is a reasonable one and fairly easily met.

All dressed upSo this morning’s nursery time was surprisingly happily spent with the fat quarters and ribbon bought yesterday, sewing machine, iron, radio and tape measure. Ken’s cape is pleated onto ribbon with a matching ribbon trim along the bottom edge, Ariel’s has folded stitched bias binding  threaded through a channel to make a gathered cape and a stand-up collar. There goes my resolution not to make fiddly things.

It was lovely to see Small Girl’s excitement when the caped crusaders came with me to collect her from nursery. Apparently Action Man now wants a black cape too, which I’ll take as positive feedback.

Pleats for him, gathers for her... and they all lived happily ever after, except for the hair


7 thoughts on “(no) capes, darlink

    • Thank you! I think that like many rules she is aware of it but choosed to ignore it. She’s been watching Sleeping Beauty these last few days and is enraptured by the Prince’s flowing cloak.

  1. Thanks wypad, Kim! wypad – it’s lovely to have a request that is fairly easily met, and it was worth all the fidgetry to see her happiness when they were done. Kim – thank you – that comment has cheered me up on a hard day (a day that starts at 4am is never going to be great, but hey…)

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