Tins (and bags) of Joy

010820113115It’s funny that you don’t actually have to knit/crochet very much before ending up with a substantial amount of leftover yarn. Three blankets, two jumpers, two scarves, a hat and a cardigan, in my case. I suppose though, when you have 9 or 10 colours in a blanket, and a little left in each, it shouldn’t be surprising that it piles up fairly quickly.  Yet I still feel slightly puzzled as to how knitting more means I have more wool rather than less. After all, the more I ride my bike, the less backside I have. Playing a saxophone consumes nothing but time and reeds and leaves nothing but memories (hopefully not always bad ones).

Yesterday I faced the fact that I need to do something about storage (Stash? Me? No Never Winking smile), and bought a big zip up bag. It now has all the leftover yarn in it, as well as the 14 (eek! 14!) balls 010820113105needed for future projects. Anyway, it happily swallowed it all with room to spare, and I can now use my storage boxes for paperwork again. Whilst I was in the mood for storage, I picked up a set of 3 stacking tins that may be the cutest I have ever seen (for sewing bits and bobs), and a small flat tin containing notelets that will be perfect for buttons.


It has been a very grey and depressing time here, and I need to  make something beautiful. Below is the Babette palette as it stands at the moment. I’m happy with the balance there and am ready to start – 9 colours is plenty for me to manage in one throw. Wishing you all safe and peaceful times, wherever you are.



4 thoughts on “Tins (and bags) of Joy

  1. love these little tins they are absolutely gorgeous!

    i always try to think of all the other possible uses for my stash to try and ease guilt about it growing – insulation if the boiler goes, toys to keep pets and little ones amused, decoration to make room look more colourful!

    looking forward to seeing those colours come together in your babette – they look lovely together

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