I spent a lot of time planning my Babette colours, as you are all painfully aware. Pansies, gerberas and a cute bird print were my inspirations. Now, one 12-round square in, it’s time to let go of those lovely notions and accept the fact that the finished throw is likely to be visible from the moon. In the dark. Bye Bye flowers and birds, hello Notting Hill Carnival and stripy childhood jellies.

060820113140The first rule for my Babette is no more than 4 colours per square, and most will have fewer. I have 9 colours in total and I don’t really want to add more, unless a perfect sky blue or hot pink turns up in the yarn shop. Or unless my burning retinas* get the better of me and demand a cream to dilute the brightness. The second rule is to do it section by section, joining each section before moving onto the next. Otherwise I risk being overpowered by miles of ends and a 10foot pile of un-joined squares. I’m working over the ends for a few inches then weaving in for good measure as there is sadly no chance of cotton ends felting themselves. The Tissa is behaving very nicely, not at all splitty and not too hard on my hands. I had forgotten, however, just how much yarn crochet uses compared to knitting, and also that a 12-round square is not far off 200 stitches per round by the time you reach the outer rounds. I can already see the cardboard inner on one ball.

040820113133I went to Knit and Natter at Jumble-Jelly on Friday, and learned how to wind a ball, using a Swift that they have there. It’s not perfect, but I can work from the yarn now rather than staring balefully at a twisted skein. Now there’s only a set of dpns between me and the Aesderina hat.I also learned the name of the stretchy knitting cast-on – it’s “Twisted German” so I have the techniques and yarn needed to start  the Big Sister dress. That is such a great place for learning – thank you! Small Girl and I are heading West to see my parents and sister in a few days, so I shall pack up Babette and either the hat or dress makings to take with me. Or perhaps I shall live dangerously and pack all three, giddy with the possibility of sharing childcare with several willing and available helpers.

I’m adding in a picture of the back of the Purl Ridge scarf (back on the right, 020820113122front on the left). Contrary to what I said before, it’s perfectly presentable from the back too.

Have a safe and happy week, everyone.

* with credit and thanks to the blogger whose name I can’t remember who is making a scarf in “burn your retinas out” green.


17 thoughts on “hmmm

  1. I love outrageous colours although I’m not too good at putting them together myself. Will look forward to hearing about and seeing the progress of your Babette. Enjoy your break. xoxox

  2. I love your colours for the Babette, I am going to watch yours closely as it is on my list as a need to do. I love the idea of doing a section at a time completely. Have made a mental note of that for when I do mine.

  3. It might be bright, but it is lovely! Think of the color splash it will give your house on those cold, damp, dreary winter days. 🙂

  4. I totally love the square you have done. The colors really pop and they suit each other. If small girl is anything like mine she’ll really go for them.

  5. Sorry for the single reply, I have read and appreciate all your comments but have been a bit busy here. It’s certainly proving a challenge to make other squares that are as arresting as the first. I’m hoping that the Cornish sun and the change of pace will help. These dark muggy August days are not helping.

I always enjoy comments, thank you for reading.

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