Changing the rules

Babette has been testing me in the last week, since the first square virtually made itself. My plan of using just a few colours per square to make chunky bright stripes didn’t work. The vivid colours can fight spectacularly if not carefully managed. 4 colours per 6-round square works well, and results in stripes that do not displease. 3 colours per 6 round square results in brasher 130820113219combinations and much harder work getting adjacent squares to play nicely together. There has been a lot of frogging, and a fair bit of wondering just what was I thinking when I a) decided to make Babette and b) chose the colours.  It was worth it though as I now love each and every square of the three sections that I’ve finished and joined so far, and can once again look at the nine colours and see their potential in a good way. Which is good, as there are 7 sections of gradually increasing size yet to make.

I am sticking to joining each section before starting the next, using the Lucy granny square method. There has been frogging here too, until I realised that using a single 120820113200colour for joining everything was never going to work. Here’s a reverse shot of the join between the two 6-round squares.  The crochet is not going to be the difficult part of this project, it is the seaming and endless ends (sorry…) that are the challenges. It was lovely sitting on the balcony in the sun today, joining squares despite the minor mishaps of dropping a ball of yarn in my gin & tonic (small ball rather than huge glass) and having to pause to stop Small Girl scraping a Clover hook along the tile grouting.

Nothing started on the hat yet, despite my last minute dash to the wool shop for suitable cables and dpns before leaving on holiday.  I am happy enough that I’ve got the Babette colours behaving again. As I write this on Saturday night I have 8 ends left to sew in on the joined sections 1-3. The Cornish light is helping, as even when it’s dull the light here is clear and colours are true. I think I can truthfully say that it will be a very long time before I do another blanket requiring this amount of end-sewing-in and seaming. Please remind me of this if I ever start banging on about using up stash on that delightful puffy hexagon quilt. I see the future, and the future is end-y. Then again, it is hard to imagine needing another multi-colour blanket any time soon, especially if this one turns out the way I hope it will.

I hope you have all had a good week too.


32 thoughts on “Changing the rules

  1. I think your Babette is looking great ! I know what you mean about all those dreaded ends though – I avoid them like the plague but, having said that, I reckon blankets made with multi coloured squares are so nice. I do hope you were able to rescue that hook and there was no damage to it 🙂 Small people are wonderful aren’t they ? Have a good week. xoxox

  2. What a great learning process you’ve just gone through. It’s admirable and something that I think will take you into future projects that require careful color-combinations. Keep going and enjoy the colors and yarn in your hands. I think you are doing an amazing job and you will LOVE lying beneath this treasure when you’re done!!

  3. Babette is awesome! I can’t wait to see the whole thing completed and put together! I really hate sewing in ends, and I’m dreading it for my own blanket.

    • Thank you. I have to do the ends as I go or the whole thing will languish in piles of squares for years… It never takes as long as I think it will, however. Good luck with yours!

  4. I am with you on the endless ends…….I don’t like doing that bit when you crochet ends in as it never seems to work well for me. The colours in your babette are lovely, I love bright colours. You must lead a much more exciting life than me as my ball of wall has only ever fallen in my tea……so annoying!

  5. the babette is looking great so far – love the colour combinations you’ve settled on for this section 🙂

    hope you’re having (or had) a nice relaxing time away (apart from all the frogging and seaming obviously!)

  6. love, love, love the colors! Rules are made to be broken. i would probably enjoy sewing ends in more if I had a gin and tonic. I think the fuschia and tangerine color combo ( on my monitor anyway) is particularly stunning.

  7. The colours look wodnerful. I feel your pain on the sewing up though, I hate it and have a mitred sock yarn blanket on the go that already needs a lot of sewing in despite being nowhere near blanket sized. I think a huge glass of G and T might help!

  8. I’m loving Babette and how its coming along, I’m glad your back in love with it too. Its never nice when we have a falling out with a project. Here’s hoping its the end of your frogging.

  9. Must be a bit frustrating having to have frogged so much, but it seems like you’re learning a lot technique-wise! And the ultimate result will be so lovely! I already love it so much, the colors are so vivid!! Sorry you dropped your small ball of yarn in your G&T, hope you had another one! Good luck with Babette, I bet she’ll turn out awesome!!

  10. It looks beautiful and I will never stop someone from starting a multi colored motif blanket, even with the ends! They eventually get woven or stitched in and then the projects are amazing, just like your Babette is sure to be :).

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