Passing on the surprise

Scanning my Bloglovin feed every day is always a little bit like Christmas with its versatile bloggernew surprises. Particularly so, when WhendidIbecomeaknitter received the Versatile Blogger award and passed it on to 15 other bloggers including me. Seeing as how I have been blogging for all of about 2 minutes, I was delighted. I’m passing this on to blogs that I love – well some of them. I suspect that at least a handful of them will already have received this award, in which case I apologise but still love their blog and think they should know.

Anyway, I need to recognise the blogger who nominated me. See above Smile Also Lesley of itstartedwithruby, who has kindly listed me on her blog too. Thank you.

I also need to list seven things about me. Right.

  1. I always hated the colour yellow, but am now making my peace with it.
  2. I have been made redundant three times in the last nine years.  Now at home with my daughter, who makes me a tiny bit more redundant every day.
  3. I finally learned how to ride a bicycle safely on the road at age 45.
  4. I love my three-year old daughter more than I could ever have imagined possible.
  5. My perfect day would include Twinings decaff tea in the morning, a stovetop espresso made with Marks and Spencer decaff Colombian in the afternoon and a glass of  biscuit-y champagne with the Mister in the evening.
  6. I took grade 5 music theory in my mid thirties and aced it. Lack of that particular qualification had been bugging me since age 14.
  7. I am very excited about autumn being nearly here. Autumn is not a season prone to disappointing.

OK, the blogs that I would like to nominate. Please don’t feel obliged to pass this on, I’ll be more than happy for you just to sit smugly knowing that I love your blog. As I almost certainly do even if I haven’t listed your blog, many of the blogs that I read regularly have not yet made it onto my bloglovin reader, which is where I have drawn these from. I have also left a few off that I’ve already seen on at least two other lists, in the hope of including a few other blogs that I really enjoy reading and hope you will too.

  • It started with ruby and When did I become a knitter? – I’ve said this before but any blog that includes the phrase “Brucie Bonus” has to be a winner. WDIBAK had me at the title.
  • looking for snowdrops – owning up, this is a real life friend’s blog, but would be on my list even if I didn’t know her from Adam.
  • barking rabbit – great knitting and poignant writing.
  • wooly mammoth – I just love this blog.
  • ogham moon – this one was on a brief break following pc troubles, hopefully it will be back soon.
  • Project Stash – beautiful, friendly and inspiring  crafting and travel blog
  • Fun and Games with the Thompson Boys – another real life friend whose knitting always feels as if it is lighter than air and full of energy. Lovely blog.
  • Sandy’s Space – how does this woman do so much and still have time to write multiple blogs? Beats me.
  • Miss Elle’s Knitwear – yep, another blogger who I know in real life, but I promise it’s good.
  • Faith – new and delightful.

Thanks again for the mentions!


3 thoughts on “Passing on the surprise

  1. Thank you so much, I came over to say that you were right in seeing into my future of striping…… are mystic meg! Rather clever of you to spot the style craft too, although I know what you mean about colour sticking in your mind, when I paint I can exactly match a colour, however I am discovering putting colours together to make a blanket a major stress.
    It certainly was a surprise to be given an award by you, thank you so much! I am so enjoying being a fellow blogger and to find so many like minded people…..I always thought I was a little odd…….who knew!!

  2. Wow!! Have just caught up on your blog and I’m choked up you have nominated mine! To be honest, I think you’re probably my only reader, I hereby nominate you as my blog’s no. 1 fan 😀 Loving yours (both) as usual my lovely, we really must catch up in person soon! Xxx

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