Things I have learned on my Babette so far.

190820113247It’s all about numbers. You can work out the number of stitches for each side by multiplying the round number by 4 and subtracting 1 (thank you Ravelry). Plus I always seem to be one stitch adrift when seaming, so it’s worthwhile counting stitches and placing markers (see below) before starting to seam.

That I really need some locking stitch markers to hold everything together at the right places when seaming. The split ring markers don’t hold two layers together well, and safety pins work but split the yarn and are faffy.

190820113249That it’s easier to work out viable colour combinations by putting strands of yarn next to each other, not entire balls.

That the edge with the little finishing bump is far better seamed in as short a seam as possible, rather than taking the easy way and positioning the square so that the bump won’t be encountered until much later (on a longer seam with many more stitches to count and match). It’s far easier to deal with any problems on a shorter seam. Lesson learned.

That brighter colours work most happily when there are more of them. I’ve added a new orange this week (next to the purple on the square at the top of this post), which has made me very happy. The LYS owner is hoping to get some more colours in, which would make me even happier. I could definitely use another pink and possibly a lighter blue.

190820113245Anyway. This week I have made and joined sections 4 and 5 (right and top respectively in this picture). I have a few ends to sort out (see back view above)  before moving onto section 6, which comprises 13 squares so will take a good few days including seaming. Once section 6 is done I shall pause for new yarn, hopefully with a couple of new colours.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all those in UK, and wishing everyone a happy and productive week. And a very Happy Mimosa Day to everyone with little ones starting or returning to school/nursery this week – I think whether you’re thoroughly delighted or a little bit sad, it’s definitely worth celebrating. There may be a small peach Bellini in my future on Thursday next. Thank you to Misty at The Wooly Mammoth for the excellent phrase.


15 thoughts on “Things I have learned on my Babette so far.

  1. Babette is really coming along and I love the shade of orange you’ve added in. Can’t wait to see what a pink looks like in the mix.

  2. You have learnt lots of lessons!! I like your idea to put the threads together rather than the whole balls, I am going to try this! I have been struggling with putting colours together ‘randomly’ this week, I nearly cried when I thought all was stuffed, but like you realised that as more colours were added it balanced better. Liking your lessons and babette!

  3. The colors just bring one to a happy place. I can imagine a child dragging that along and cuddling up with it. Great things you learned about this project. You should definitely note about it on your Ravelry page.

  4. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I’m delighted with the colours and it’s wonderful that others are too.

    Evelyn – you’re making me want to make a winter Missoni striped blanket, all whites, creams, frosted greens and icy blues.

    Kepanie – I’ll put a tips page together when I’m done and add it to Ravelry too.

    Misty – you know you want to! Bring your sister over to the hook-y side mwahaha. The mimosa was delicious!

    Sorry for not responding to all individually, I am running out of both day and week at a frightening speed. But thank you all again for taking the time to comment, it’s very much appreciated.

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