Happy Mimosa Day!

Many thanks to Misty of The Wooly Mammoth for her excellent idea of compulsory neighbourhood Mimosa parties on the first day of the school year. Small Girl’s last year in nursery officially starts tomorrow, but she had her last mummy-sanity holiday session today  and then back to normal tomorrow and Friday. Definitely worth celebrating. So glasses were shamelessly raised at 9-45 this morning.  It’s worth clarifying that a Mimosa is the US equivalent of a Bucks Fizz. I prefer the US version as its name reminds me of flowers and lazy brunches  with the Mister in Washington DC, rather than a 1980s Eurovision group; and also because the US champagne/orange juice ratio is more pleasing to me. My original plan for Bellinis fell through due to the absence of peach juice/ripe peaches in town, but the mimosa was very satisfying.


As you can see, it was a successful morning. I’ve now done the squares for two thirds of section 6, and will do some seaming and joining this afternoon before starting squares for the last third of this section.  The first six curtain poles are going up tomorrow morning so Year of Projects projects progress will soon be slowing up for a spell in favour of making curtains.


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