try try and try again

I just finished section 6, bar a few ends to weave in. This has seemed to take forever. I did one 4-round square on the fly and then found that the colours, though delectable, were wrong for where the square needed to go. I’ve had numerous attempts at getting the right combination of hook size and stitch to get the little 2-round ones to fit right. And the sun finally came out, we have had three days of summer this week and it would have been rude to have not enjoyed those days.

Thank you so much to Snowdrop, Kim and Faith who all lifted my spirits further with the lovely mentions in their blog. I’m a bit behind with my reading this week (indeed I’m a bit behind with everything this week) but promise that I’ll catch up properly.

260820113270Anyway. Here is section 6, and below is the blanket so far, all joined up. I really do need more yarn before progressing further – I’m out or close to out on three colours now and section 7 includes a whopping 12-round square. I shall see if the LYS has plans to get more colours in and will take 260820113273it from there. It probably is about time I started one of the projects that I do have yarn for, after all. I hope you have all had a great week, and happy Holiday weekend to everyone reading Stateside!


23 thoughts on “try try and try again

  1. Your babette is so me. It is so frustrating you can’t crack on when you are short on yarn, I am feeling your pain. I love that purple edged square, my favourite definitely.

  2. That blanket will be so cheery come wintertime! My favorite square is the blue, green, and yellow one in the upper right hand corner. Such yummy looking yarn.

    • Thank you! There is a pattern, but you can choose how closely you follow it. You can either allocate colours to letters and follow a diagram to get exactly the same result as in the pattern, or you can make it up as you go but follow the pattern to get the right number and sizes of squares for each section. In short, I’m making the colour sequences up as I go.

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