Choose-day Tuesday

Small Girl’s nursery hours have been rearranged such that she has a full day in nursery on Fridays and a full day with me on Tuesdays. As this is the last year that we’ll have the luxury of a term-time weekday together every week, I’m planning that Tuesdays will be dedicated to fun, lunch out, and cake, with Small Girl making the decisions where sensible.

Today, she fancied soft play, so off we went to Wroughton which has the added benefits of a craft village, free parking and my local-ish yarn shop (coincidentally handily open on Tuesdays Winking smile). We arrived there sodden from a 100 yard dash through torrential rain and wind, to find a stack of newly delivered packs of Lang Tissa in new colours, still in their plastic wrapping. How wonderful on a dark blustery morning to open brand new packs of yarn in perfect colours with Abby of Crafty Yarn who was almost as excited about it as I was! So my Babette stash has now been enriched with two pinks, a pale blue, a dark cherry red and a nougaty-praliney brown.  Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it, the colours are fabulous and the pale blue is exactly the shade that I had in my mind.


Suitably laden down with yarn, off we went to soft play, then did a tour of bead, toy and dolls house shops before going for lunch in the cafe and getting 20p worth of mini-eggs from the little machine and coming home. It was her day, after all, much as it feels like mine. The 12-round Babette square is now under way (thank you soft play), and I’m looking forward to integrating all those beautiful new colours in with my old favourites. Small Girl is happily tired out, everyone’s a winner.


4 thoughts on “Choose-day Tuesday

  1. So are we to believe that the fact the yarn shop opening and full day of fun coincide on the same day is a but a coincidence? Your new yarn looks lovely, my favourite is the red, that is gorgeously rich. I have bought some new cotton today with my one a day project in mind, which I may start tomorrow, can’t drop the fact that I like the sound of ‘one a day wednesday’. Enjoy your new colours!

  2. I had the same exact thought as Faith! I can’t imagine a more perfect day for both you and small girl. Dark cherry …. not only is that color gorgeous (and will be in your Babette), but I also love the name!

  3. ha ha, busted! In my defence, soft play is a lot more fun for me with new yarn, and that normally translates into an extra 30 minutes in the ball pond for Small Girl.

    The red is beautiful, I am very happy with it.

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