Colour fatigue and comfort knitting

It’s been a week of extremes here for crafting. On Tuesday I turned up at my LYS shortly after a delivery of new Lang Tissa colours. Full details are here, but in summary I now have 5 new colours for Babette, bringing my total to 15. Compare that to the 17 colours listed in the pattern and you can see that I failed completely in my initial plan to use a greatly reduced range of colours. The change was right though, the new colours fill in the gaps in my palette nicely. The outer 010920113296“ring” of the blanket will be more colour-rich than the inner, but that should work well. I’ve finished a monster 12-round square for section 7, but am somewhat colour-spent after doing it in 12 colours, and need a break before continuing with the 4 6-round and 6 4-round  squares which comprise the rest of the that section.

My solution was to cast on the Aesderina hat.  I was getting worried that I might forget how to knit if I left it any longer, plus the ball of Artesano Aran that I had so carefully and proudly wound was starting to get messy in the rough and tumble of the stash bag. So I looked up instructions for the German Twisted cast-on, and off I went. It is truly soporific knitting. The feel of 010920113288the KnitPros and of the wool through my hands and the gentle weight of the stitch marker every once in a while. The satisfying texture of the 2×2 rib, and the way that that same rib tells me instantly if I’ve made a mistake. The knowledge that I just keep going around and around until the end, and then there will be just two ends to sew in. The very easy-on-the-eye colour (slightly greener than in the photo). The whole thing is as gently comforting as a favourite novel in a candle-lit bubble-bath with a glass of chilled white at the end of a long week.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if all this chilled zenitude were not accompanied by a couple of worries. Firstly, the circumference looks a bit on the skinny side. I didn’t do a tension swatch – in my defence tension (gauge) is given for the larger needle and a non-rib stitch, neither of which are in play yet. I shall just have to trust that the elastic cast–on and stretchy rib will work and that the brim will be bigger once off the needles. If it does come up too small I can give it  to Small Girl, who is already enthusiastically requesting a flower on it too. Secondly, the eternal niggling worry about not having enough yarn. Even though I’m doing the skinny brim option. There’s not much I can do about that worry, other than embrace the joy of the process. Which, to be honest, is not at all difficult to do on this lovely piece.

How’s your week been?


27 thoughts on “Colour fatigue and comfort knitting

  1. That blanket so far is…..awesome!!!! I am doing a colour blanket but with same size of big squares and small squares!!

    Although the hat is a lovely muted colour to give you a rest from your colour awesome project!! I am doing my blanket for the One a Day group 🙂

  2. Loving the look of Babette, its turning out amazing.
    Love the look of hat and isn’t there something comforting of just going round and round.. enjoy your knit

  3. Your Babette is pure eye candy! Keep up the awesome work.
    A woman can never have too many beanies! I seriously need to make myself more. I know a gauge swatch can be such a pain in the arse but it’s very helpful.

    • Thank you! This is my first hand-knitted hat since about age 10 when my Grandma made me a cabled beanie in a dark orange marl. with a matching jumper. You are right on the gauge, I normally do. Luckily, it is turning out fine.

    • Thank you! I would feel so guilty if I had the Babette sitting ignored for months, far too much time and money invested in it to take too long a break! I do feel restored from a few days of more hat less Babette however.

  4. Babette is looking stunning, it just gets better…..The colour of the wool on your hat looks lovely. I knitted a hat once for myself, can’t remember the stitch but it was complicated for a novice, I used alpaca it was beautiful……and it din’t fit, no small girl to hanker after it, so it lays lonely in the bottom of my drawer. Hope yours works out a lot better than mine! I hasten to add that I and my three boys all have ridiculously big heads so it was bound to happen.

    • Thank you 🙂 The hat wool is Artesano Aran, it is a mix of merino and alpaca (oddly enough!) Absolutely gorgeous. My eyes water for you, 3 boys with big heads – ouch! I hope your hat finds a life out of the drawer at some point.

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