A hat, and a bit more Babette

A surprise finished object this week. I seem to have learned how to use dpns (Brittany birch) . I agree that it is like knitting with a hedgehog in your lap, but it is strangely satisfying. Part of me really wants to try doing some socks after Babette. Without further ado I present Aesderina:


A quick rundown of details. Yarn is Artesano Aran, which is quite bulky for an aran. I only had one skein and was low on yardage , so did the pattern with the half-height brim option and one fewer repeat (the hat should be a little slouchier, but I am very happy with it how it is). I had some yarn left over, though I suspect not enough to have done an extra repeat.  It’s not blocked, I think my head will do that. I am very proud of it, and am looking forward to the cooler weather.

OK, Babette. I did more than I expected this week, largely due to Small Girl being ill and hence spending a lot more time at home. I feel a bit less useless with something in my hands under these circumstances. I just have 2 small squares to do and join before section 7 is complete and ready to join to the mother lode. 060920113368You will know what kind of week I have had when I say that two thirds of section 7 is already joined with every single end sewn in.

Oddly, the increased number of colours is making colour choices harder rather than easier. As I look at everything spread out on the floor it reminds me of nothing so much as trying to balance a chromatic quadratic equation, if such a thing were to exist. Part of me is tempted to write a spreadsheet so I can just look up perfect colour matches in an efficient, business-like and non-froggy way, but I can never get colour to work for me like that. It is invariably better to wait for either daylight or inspiration.



13 thoughts on “A hat, and a bit more Babette

  1. I am still loving the Babette. My DH agrees that it is like something I’d do. I’ve just started using dpn’s too, and I’m really enjoying them. I still use circs too.

  2. Can’t figure out how you knitty people use those DPNs……..looks far too much like hard work to me. The colour of your hat is lovely and I too would be waiting on the colder weather in anticipation to wear it. Colour is a pretty wierd thing when it comes to putting it all together, but you look like you have it sussed to me without need of your equations. Hope Small Girl is already feeling a whole lot better!

  3. Love seeing your Babette grow every week. How is your baby now? She better? I have my little home for a weekful of weekdays so her infected eczema gets better.
    Congrats on your mastery of DPNs. They open up a whole new world of projects. You can try toys for your little one which use them all the time.

  4. congrats on finished your hat so quickly and tackling dpns as well – i love them now i’ve gotten used to them, you should definitely try out some socks!

    your babette is looking better and better every time i see it – makes me think summer is still here!

  5. Congratulations on mastering dpn’s – something I’ve tried several times but have never been able to manage. Your hat looks great and the Babette is also coming along nicely too.

  6. I love working with DPNs and am so happy to see you’ve now tried it … and with great success! Yes, it can get very poke-y but there’s something very satisfying about watching a knit blossom with four or five needles all going at once! Your Babette is divine — seriously. I am loving your color choices and can see how your progress is moving along stunningly!

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