Slightly out of tune storage

It’s a fact. Whenever the Mister goes away, I end up with a tin of something. 130920113400Notelets, sweets, biscuits, potential…. The most stupid things make me happy – today’s joy was courtesy of a Marks & Spencer musical box of biscuits, painted with a Moomin style scene and playing random tinny out-of-tune bars of Winter Wonderland to me and various intrigued passers by. If anyone in the UK is looking for a 130920113403gift for themselves, or others, go take a look. I wanted them all. I can also recommend their little tins of Curiously Strong Mints, one of which is currently housing my stitch markers and row counters. But don’t bother with the little boiled floral sweets, unless you need somewhere to put the mints…



4 thoughts on “Slightly out of tune storage

    • How did I miss your blog? Thank you for replying. Your tins are beautiful, and what a stunning shop too. I should be honest and say that every time the Mister is away I end up buying *myself* something in a tin. Though I’m sure he would buy me things in tins if he knew I wanted them 🙂

  1. You “over the pond’ people have the most delightful things! I love tins, but not much comes in them here in America—in fact usually just notes and stuff. Thanks for sharing your lovely with us.

  2. I love your tins, I bought myself a gruffulo tin a month or so ago which is lovely but I feel too mixed about what to put in it…….maybe the answer is to buy more tins and I will become less precious about them! I had never seen cake pops before last week but I have a feeling they will be on my request list again. Three is indeed a lovely age, my littlest is an absolute joy!

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