A little bit of progress and a few pictures

Hello, I hope that you’ve all had beautifully sunny weeks too and the chance to get a little bit of the sunshine to yourself. This week has been an oasis of normality, no-one is ill, no-one has been away and I got some crochet done. Hurrah. Next week sees a whirl of school visits and redoubled efforts at curtain making. I am part-way through the first pair of seven, and really should have started earlier. Never mind. My 30year old “O” level in Fashion and Fabrics and my Mum’s even older Good Housekeeping Encyclopaedia of Needlecrafts shall prevail, I am sure of it, and it’s always nice to be busy. Even if it is occasionally a challenge to sew and keep Small Girl entertained at the same time.


220920113429Right, onto what you really wanted to read. I have finished the remainder of the squares for section 8 of my Babette and at the time of writing am still in the process of sewing in the ends and joining them all together. It’s the vertical strip to the right of the photo. Section 9 is going to take a few weeks – it comprises 1x10round, 2x6rounds, 12x4rounds and 13x2rounds. I suspect I’m looking at a month for this section, but that does mean that the whole blanket could be finished by the end of December, which is very exciting. The Big Sister dress project has been shelved for the moment, at least until I break the back of section 9. I do need to review my list and will add in the amigurumi ballerina and a pair of fingerless mittens (Dashing or Fetching) for me.  I’d quite like to knit a fitted cardigan for me, something little and tailored to go over tea dresses next spring, and the Festival shawl is calling my name too. So yes, my list was too short, but this situation can easily be fixed.

130920113406Here are some pretty buttons, that I managed to resist on my most recent yarn-refuelling trip to Crafty-Yarn. I love them, the French translates to “I’ve knitted for you”.  Also below is a(nother) gorgeous little M&S tin. The chocolate Santas have been re-homed and it now holds a tiny curtain pole allen key, some screws and many curtain hooks, but are a perfect size for knitting and sewing notions. They have reindeer and Santa ones too!

I do love the storage acquisition potential of knitting, crochet and sewing. Have a lovely week, everyone.



9 thoughts on “A little bit of progress and a few pictures

  1. Love, love, love….the buttons, the tin and babette. Just imagine having your babette ready for Christmas and snuggling with it watching Christmas tv……or has it a different home intended?

    I’ve done some curtain and roman blind making, but I’m really not good at it….my tip? Use either stripey or check material, you can’t go wrong!

    Have a fun week!

  2. Babette is just so eye-tacular! The colors are fantastic. I don’t know how you keep track of what size you need and where it goes. I would be so confused. Kudos to you.

  3. I am so utterly impressed by your Babette progress — it’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope you admire your handiwork constantly as you’re going along! As for fingerless mitts, I love Dashing and have wanted to knit those up for years. Go for it!

  4. Can’t keep my eyes of Babette, she’s so pretty! And it makes me happy just looking at it, so I imagine having so much fun working on it! So awesome, I ❤ Babette 😉

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