Pretty new wool and a cautionary tale


Good news – these lovely new Artesano yarns, which found their way home with me yesterday. The pink will do a Modern Rib hat for Small Girl (with a little less slouch), and the green will do the Dashing gloves for me.

Bad news – if I’d carefully kept the ball bands from the three skeins of the teal Artesano aran that I used for my hat and cowl, instead of throwing them out, I would now have enough labels to send off for a free pair of Brittany needles.  I suspect this is a UK only offer, so if you are a non-UK Artesano lover you can join me in the sadness corner. Sob.


3 thoughts on “Pretty new wool and a cautionary tale

  1. When I was a kid, I remember distinctly never having enough tokens to get anything, especially when I had spent ages staring at the offer on the back of the packet…..just like when my older brother or sister got the freebie thing in the cereal box…….. Ah, see what you’ve done now, I’m getting all bitter!

    Loving the hat and gloves, look forward to seeing them.

  2. In spite of the fact that I’m not in the UK and therefore not participating in this offer, I’m in the sadness corner with you! Still, you do have those yummy yarns!!

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