Things will get better, right?

Another unpredictable week. This time it was my turn on the antibiotics, the mister was doing crazy work hours and there were also two schools to visit and a lot of associated stuff to read. Plus the curtains of course – the first pair is now ready to hang and the second pair is about a day off –  then it will just be a case of hemming them once they’ve done any dropping. I must say that this is hugely satisfying and I am looking forward to having a guest bedroom with two pairs of curtains, which I will have to remember to draw every night to get the full benefit of the thermal linings.

Babette is on a break (again). I’ve learned that when I’m stressed or tired, I just can’t do the colour combining to my satisfaction, nor can I get excited about weaving ends when there are so many other tedious tasks fighting for my time (ironing, hand sewing curtain linings, online grocery shopping…) I craved some straightforward plain vanilla crafting – the kind where you sit down with one ball of yarn and one set of needles and just follow the pattern until it’s time to weave in the (two) ends. So I’ve cast on the Modern Rib hat in a bright pink Artesano 260920113433Aran (the Alpaca/Merino mix that I loved so much in the teal). It’s for Small Girl, as she has just one winter hat and needs a backup for laundry and peace of mind.  Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze the whole hat out of one skein, with some  editing of slouch. In a happy twist of woolly coincidence, the green Artesano superwash that I bought for Dashing gloves for me looks like it might be the closest match yet to the stitch tension needed for the Big Sister dress, and the row tension is less far out than the last one I tried. So that is a cheering thought and makes me a bit more excited about swatching. As you’ve probably worked out by now, there is no Babette progress to show you this week. Not even a single end sewn in. Never mind.

Kepanie mentioned last week about planning the number of rounds for each square and working out where they need to go. I should come clean and say that the pattern is excellent and extremely helpful – there are diagrams that show exactly which squares go where in each section, and if you prefer to make everything first and then assemble it also tells you the total numbers needed of each size. It also gives you a system for allocating colours to squares, though I haven’t followed it. I may give it a go for the last couple of sections however.

Apologies for being so tardy on catching up with comments both here and on all your blogs too, it has just been that kind of week. I really appreciate all your comments, they are so helpful and encouraging. I’m also getting a new error message on some blogger/blogspot blogs and can’t get them to take my comments at all. Please accept my apologies if I haven’t commented on your blog – if it’s in the YoP weekly list you can be sure I have read it and probably typed a comment in at least twice. Here’s wishing a happy, productive week to us all!


10 thoughts on “Things will get better, right?

  1. Hope the antibiotics have already kicked in and you are already feeling a lot better.

    I know what you mean about doing something that takes little brain power, and the thought of something with only two ends is highly satisfying! I will try and tackle some of the ends on my stripe this week, but I must admit I get quite angry at anything that cuts in to my crocheting time at night!

    Hope your week goes more smoothly and that your skein stretches as far as you need it to.

  2. Hope you feel better real fast!

    Choosing to do a hat is perfect therapy when your mind is all busy with other things. Plus they are done so quickly! Good choice.

  3. As you know, Babette will (always) be there, patiently waiting until you feel energized or clear-minded enough to pick it up again. Vanilla crafting is a great expression and one I’m in desperate need of these days when there’s just too many other things going on! Yes, I will begin a vanilla craft today with my cup of coffee. Kids are out for a few hours, hubby is away until tonight, soooo I actually have a brief afternoon just for myself. Small pleasures, right. Feel better soon! xo

  4. I know what you mean about needing some mindless knitting when you have a busy/stressful week! And that pink is a gorgeous colour. I hope you feel better soon =)

  5. Ride the wave relaxed, I keep reminding myself. Planning helps but you’re creating such a work of art. It should be fun and not stressful. You have other fulfilling things in life that need more attention sometimes so yeah, when they do, they do, yeah?

  6. I think we’ve all been in this ‘place’ at some time or other and yes, sometimes something mindless and simple is the perfect remedy for times. I also struggle to add comments to some blogs – it’s usually those with spam filters when I’m using the iPad or iPhone – very frustrating!

    Do hope you’re feeling better soon.

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