A morning at Jumble Jelly, Bradford on Avon

This is a yarn shop that I like to visit when I have a substantial chunk of time to myself – it’s better un-rushed.  In fact, their excellent Friday morning Knit and Natter sessions may have been a consideration when deciding upon which day Small Girl would do a full day at nursery*.  Stock is lovely, staff friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and tea delicious. They may have a sale on and I may have shopped. I appreciate that Wiltshire is a long hike (even without the transatlantic flight) for many of you, but if you’re within reach of this beautiful town and enjoy crafting (not just knitting), it’s definitely worth a visit. Here is their website, and below are some pictures from this morning.



* this, coupled with the fact that her Tuesday nursery-free day coincides with Crafty-Yarn and its neighbouring soft play/child centric facilities, makes me realise that I am either not entirely putting her interests first, or that I have a problem with resisting great wool shops. hmmm. In my defence, it’s rare for me to visit them both in the same week.


3 thoughts on “A morning at Jumble Jelly, Bradford on Avon

  1. And I say, when an opportunity arises to make you and small girl happy, you should always take full advantage!! I’ve only driven through Wiltshire, once stopping for lunch at family friends of my husband’s and another on the way to Bath, but will put it on my list for our next visit to England. xo

  2. Imagine the damage……nay….fun that could be had doing both in one week! I say go for it! It sounds to me that you pretty much have all things Sussed, I need your organisational skills in my life so I can make yarn shop visits without having near nervous breakdown at the speed I get I want and get out!

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