A week of small triumphs

041020113471Nothing earth-shattering this week, but very pleasant all the same. The big achievement of the week has to belong to Small Girl, who decided on Thursday that her purple stabiliser bike was not, in fact, too wobbly after all, and has ridden it every day since. Park, nursery, garage, other park…


031020113456Babette section 8 is all joined up, and now taking a break until after half-term. The green yarn that I bought for the Dashing gloves is swatching up surprisingly close to the elusive Big Sister dress tension, so I shall be checking out the pinks in the same range soon. I am tempted to do the Dashing gloves in the same pink as the Artesano hat (see below) as the tension from that is bang on for the gloves, but that will depend on the amount left over.

161020113472I bought another skein of the pink Artesano aran. The Modern Rib hat needs just a couple more inches before switching to dpns and doing the last 8 rows of shaping. This has been just what I needed this week – no brainer plain vanilla knitting- and the second skein has removed the only tiny risk from the project.

This week also saw my sock yarn stash increase from zero to three balls. The orange and the blue/green are Trekking, the pink/blue is Rico. I think two of these are destined for fingerless gloves for Small Girl, and one for my first ever pair of socks. And we also have a wild card – 100g of a heavyish dk/worsted Phoenix from the Natural Dye Studio, in half merino and half silk, that shimmers between ice blue and bluebell. There’s 210metres, which I think is slightly more in yards – about 240? If anyone has any instant ideas of what would do it justice I would love to hear them. There’s no more after this skein so I’m looking at an accessory of some sort, I would imagine.







An unusually long half-term starts on Wednesday, so Small Girl and I will be spending a few days with my family. Hopefully we will return rested and refreshed, and with new hats and fingerless gloves. And ready to take on Babette and the curtain mountain once again.


11 thoughts on “A week of small triumphs

  1. Small triumphs add up to being a great week I should think. Your projects all sound/look great and your new yarn is great. How about a nice cowl with that lovely blue yarn…..did you see that Canadian cowl on another YOP blog, I may have totally misremebered the name but it was grey, simple and beautiful, crocheted I’m pretty sure as I thought I may make one.

    Enjoy your extended break!

  2. Babette is looking awesome! Keep up the good work. I think I’d be tempted to make a cowl with the blue yarn too. I love making cowls, they’re quick easy, and great to snuggle in.

  3. I have been searching for the perfect ice bue, glacier color and it looks like you found it!
    Using the search with in the category feature I picked the yardage that you have and three pages of patterns popped up, two of which I have made.
    First the Scrunchable scarf, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scrunchable-scarf. I made a bunch for gifts and it is quick, fun and easy to memorize.
    The other is Falling Water, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/falling-water.

  4. I like the look of the modern rib hat but am wondering if it can be done on straight needles ? That sock yarn looks beautiful – good luck with your first pair of socks.

  5. Great progress for you and your gal! How awesome! Sock yarn is just so tempting and irresistible yeah? Lovely colorways you’ve chosen. Perhaps a cowl for that DK yarn?

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