glove me tender…

231020113499I am making slow but steady progress though my first Dashing glove. There are some interesting holes by each cable which my mother assures me are normal and which will be stretched into nothingness once the gloves are worn. As I’m making the smaller size, which is knitting up rather snugly, I should therefore have nothing to worry about. The yarn is gorgeous – soft and springy and shows the cables (and holes) perfectly. It’s not at all a complicated pattern, with round upon round of lovely lazy k4p1 rib in between cable rounds and thumbholes. The cables are going well. I think the last time I knitted cables was about 25 years ago, and I remember putting my shoulder out with all the fierce concentration and misplaced tension. It’s a bit easier now. I have about 12 rounds to go before casting off and then tackling the thumb. Today’s challenge will be working out exactly how to “attach” the wool for the thumb without doing a slipstitch first. I’m wondering if I can just start knitting with it, then weave the end in afterwards.

221020113495The Modern Rib hat was finished earlier this week, and has received its first compliment from an older gentleman who admired it very much and asked Small Girl if it kept her ears warm. Babette has also come to Cornwall with me. I’ve done a bit of colour planning using the pattern, and think that will be great for finding the motivation and inspiration to start again. Each colour has been allocated a letter, and I’ll use the pattern suggestions as a starting point for combining and balancing colours.

Thank you for all the suggestions on makes for the ice-blue yarn. I was very taken by the scrunchable scarf that Erin suggested (thank you!), and will be choosing between that one and the scrumptious neck warmer.

I hope you have all had a good week. Thank you so much for all the comments, I really do appreciate them. The problem with blogger seems to have been resolved to a large extent so I can comment again, hooray! Huge respect to everyone doing the Blog a day October challenge. Rather like sewing bunting and knitting apple cosies, this is something that I enjoy hugely when someone other than me is doing it. Kudos to you all.


9 thoughts on “glove me tender…

  1. The modern rib is lovely, I’m not surprised that it received admiration from passers-by. Your gloves are coming on well too, the cable work is very clever. I’m never entirely sure about joining when I crochet, no one has shown me and I’m always slightly paranoid things might unravel, I’ll probably discover some day that I’ve way overcomplicated things.

    I like the two projects you have chosen for your new yarn, I bet they’ll be gorgeous.

  2. Oooh, you just reminded me how much I want to knit Dashing!! Yours are so pretty and soft and cozy … do I need to go on?? Love your memory of knitting cables from 25 years ago — see, knitting can be a true labor of love (and aches). xo

  3. Brave woman …. cables AND dpn’s !! They’re looking good and your hat is lovely too. Such a versatile pattern – must put that one on my list. Have a good week.

  4. I love your comparison of Blogtoberfest to knitted apple cozies. I think at this point, I may start crocheting apple cozies because it is hard to blog everyday (for me at least) and making apple cozies is something I could do while watching t.v.

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