Wool across the river–23rd Oct 2011

231020113502Today is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Tamar Road Bridge. This suspension bridge connects Devon to Cornwall (or England to Cornwall, as many here maintain). Small Girl and I walked across its cantilevered walkway today – a relatively new addition to the bridge in 2001 – to look at what is possible the world’s longest knitted ferry chain.

The bridge is actually not that big, compared to others built 231020113513subsequently, but as an icon of my childhood it stands boldly with its neighbouring railway bridge. To see its woolly wrapping billowing in the strong wind was lovely. We then crossed back and walked down to the river front to enjoy the celebrations there, marking 50 years since the ferry service stopped.

I couldn’t see anything about it on Ravelry, or online, so here, for your Sunday evening weirdness delectation, is my photo record of the event. I don’t know who knitted it, or how long it took, or how many yards of yarn were needed, or how many finished yards of knitting there are. I just know that I like it. The various cardboard boxes are filled with goodies for tonight’s pyrotechnics extravaganza.


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