Half term and new gloves

First off, I need to say a big Thank you to the lovely YOP blogger who nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award last week, and whose lovely url I have since misplaced. I will find it again, but in the meantime thank you so much, I was so pleased!

Well. We have made it to the end of an extended half-term with tempers, sanity, cat and house all in fairly good nick. There has been more crafting done than I was expecting, but less than I would have liked.

291020113541I’ve done a 10-round square and 3 4-round squares for Babette. 5 2-round squares to go, and that will be the first third of section 9 done. I’m not expecting to finish this one for Christmas any more. No pics, as the light is dreadful today and the yarn doesn’t do well in artificial light and flash.

The second Dashing Glove is finished, largely thanks to the Mister, who entertained Small Girl so that I could pick up the 291020113543stitches for the thumb in peace.  Anyway, the glove is lovely, thanks to the very helpful comment last week from Minding My Own Stitches I have given the cables (and the whole glove) a lot more ease, and it feels rather less like it’s trying to contract into its own black hole than the left one does. Thank you! The second glove is slightly longer than the first one too, but I can live with that.  The Mister is impressed with how much they look like, well, actual proper gloves, so that was a huge piece of encouragement. I can’t wait to wear them.  I made a few mods to the number of rows in some sections, I will detail them on my project page for this on Ravelry.

Next week will be primarily a curtain week, though I’m going to do those 5 2-round Babette squares too. There is also a small pair of fingerless gloves in pink that need some effort (as Small Girl has just reminded me, having seen that I’d finished my green ones). Am I the only person who wonders just how much time they wasted on the internet housework before learning to knit/crochet?

Finally, not a Year of Projects effort, but taking most of my Year of Projects time. The first two pairs of lined curtains are up and hung (though still awaiting hemming). I’ve bought fabric for the next 281020113536three pairs from a different shop, who have also told me how I can save some time on the sewing so these shouldn’t take as long. After that I will have no more curtain poles so there’ll be a pause (which will probably involve choosing and 281020113533buying poles and cloth for pairs 6, 7 and 8). I would love to have the curtains all done by Christmas, if time and funds allow. Even if they’re not all hemmed Winking smile Then I can have a clear run at my Year of Projects through the spring and summer next year. I hope that you’ve all had a good week and a good half-term too for those with children on school holiday. And happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it. Personally, I’m a Guy Fawkes girl and can’t wait until next weekend!


9 thoughts on “Half term and new gloves

  1. Oh I LOOOOVE to make curtains – I really like the stripe pair hanging up – you can mail them right over *wink*

    I think it is always sweet when a little one gently reminds you that you forgot their item or they would like one of what you made. 🙂 I have a pink poncho about ready to go on the hook for the same type of request 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Your gloves are lovely! I have a pair of mitts on my list which need to get done soon as the weather here is really turning chilly! I too think it is cout of small girl to remind you of her gloves—I have knit a ton for my Grandys but nothing for my 3 (teenage, college, and 1 getting ready to get married) –and they have all mentioned to me recently how much they would like a hat from me! Christmas is coming…..

  3. Always makes me smile when the husbands are surprised when something turns out well….my hubby is like that…’oh, that actually looks quite good’ high praise indeed!

    Your gloves are very impressive – clever you! How sweet small girl is chivvying you for her gloves.

    Great curtains, the last few pairs I made I used a bonded thermal and cotton lining together, great idea and a lot quicker

    Hope the coming week is a good’s

  4. Oh my, those gloves look beautiful. (the cupcake .. or is it a toffee .. looks beautiful too. Good luck with the rest of your curtain making. I used to enjoy making curtains but nowadays find sewing a chore. Would much rather crochet or knit. Have a great week.

  5. The gloves are look great, and how sweet that Small Girl wants a pair. And I’m impressed at sewing your own curtains, I hope you get them all done before Christmas =)

  6. I’ve been w/o electricity for four days and so couldn’t read your blog but now that I’m back in the land of electricity, I’m soooo happy to see your dashing mitts. They are gorgeous and I really love the color. As for making your own curtains, I’m impressed — there really isn’t anything better than seeing one’s own handiwork around one’s home. Happy sewing.

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