Embracing the Wrongness

So, does Small Girl care that one cuff is 1cm shorter on ribbing than the other? Apparently not, she is over the moon with her new pink gloves and their pink stripes (did I mention that they are pink?). So I shall try to stop obsessing about the fact that I (a) apparently can’t count to 5 and (b) didn’t notice until I was just 4 short rows from the end, with Small Girl hopping up and down in excitement. Frogging was not an option.

051120113549Pattern is the truly Adorable Kids Fingerless Gloves from Kiwiyarns Knits. It is all credit to her that these gloves have still ended up more than presentable, despite a litany of schoolgirl errors in my knitting of the second one. Yarn is Rico Superba Mexico. I have mixed feelings  – it is very pretty and is without doubt hardwearing. However, it was quite twisty to knit with, and is not quite as soft as I would like. It may get softer on washing. I do have very high hopes for the Trekking sock yarn currently burning a hole in my stash bag, which I think will be perfect for the next pair of these gloves.


13 thoughts on “Embracing the Wrongness

  1. I think they are just gorgeous and you know the fact that they are individual makes them unique and I can just imagine small girl hopping up and down by your side as they were finished.

  2. I think they look great – and I completely understand with frogging not an option when there is a child standing there, waiting as patiently as they can (or can’t as the case may be). She doesn’t care!

    I love the colorway on those. I’ll have to check them out. My daughter would love them. Is there any pink in them? *chuckles*

  3. Small girl is over the moon, so it’s a complete success. A little more or less ribbing won’t mean a thing if the rest of the glove fits! They’re very cute. I don’t mind things on my hands that are not as soft, and usually things do soften up after a wash or two.

  4. Love these gloves! I’d have been jumping up and down topic they were for me. Colours are great. Is that a kind of fair isle pattern?

    Are you one of these who is finishing…no, maybe even beginning one project and already thinking about the next one? Nope….just me then!

  5. Thanks everyone! They are on the stairs ready for their first trip to nursery tomorrow. I am encouraged that they may soften with washing.

    Faith, The yarn knits up like Fair Isle, it really is quite clever. And oddly, for me, I’m not sure what to start next. I really should just decide and start something, as Keri’s blog has subliminally brainwashed me into doing some Christmas gift knitting, and I’m on a strict time budget.

  6. Can’t even see the error–and really, with excitement like that emanating from the recipient, how could it even matter??? What a lucky little girl to have a mommy whip those up for her. I love the pattern and have bookmarked it for a future knit-up for my Grandys. Well done!

  7. Absolutely lovely and as I think I’ve said before, small girl is the best dressed girl in her class, I’m sure! I’m a huge fan of kiwiyarns and am not surprised (at all) that these gloves turned out so beautifully. And who needs to count to five? ; )

  8. This is my kind of knitting! I’m working a hat out of one of my first skeins of hand spun yarn and I’ve screwed it up seven ways to Sunday but I’m calling them design modifications and moving on. Perfectionism is too lofty a prospect for this girl! So if Small Girl is happy with her new mits, you’ve done all you need to do! They’re adorable!

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