not much progress this week

In fact, absolutely none on anything Year of Projects related.

I have finished some Christmas knitting, which I can’t put up here for fear of tipping off the recipients spoiling the surprise. I am very happy with it however.  Which of course does not guarantee that anyone else will be, but I am choosing my recipients with care.

More gift work planned for next week, but I should be able to show some of it. The curtains for the upstairs landing window are done too, and just need hemming. In a fit of realism, the curtains for the dining room window have been outsourced, which should guarantee both that we have them in place for Christmas dinner and that I won’t go completely insane hemming by then.


7 thoughts on “not much progress this week

  1. I’m making a number of presents this year, I’m not normally a bolshy type, but I’m beginning to not care whether people want a homemade present or not! I’m not making my nieces and nephews presents apart from the littlies i’m imagining crocheted goods don’t often go down well with teen boys! But most others are having something homemade.

    Well done on your curtain progress!

  2. I love what underground crafter wrote! While I’m itching to see your FOs, I completely understand not wanting to spoil the surprise. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my gift knitting, too, and keep all those FOs in a drawer. Whenever I need a little feeling of satisfaction, I open the drawer and voila, I’m happy!

  3. My hubby is the only one that knows how to access my bog so anything I make for him I can’t post but as for everyone else I’m pretty sure they know OF my blog but have no clue how to get to it. I have a feeling my poor Year of Projects posts are going to suffer the next month due to holidays! I like your curtain update this week. YoP or not, finishing up curtains is a productive week!

  4. I agree with undergroud crafter, none of my family or friends read my blog. (Ok I lie, one found it by ingenious methods…)
    And I’m glad the curtains are, if not finished, then dealt with and will be done by christmas!

  5. I find that making a big deal of “hiding” the WIP when someone turns up and then exaggerating how tired I am after being up all night crafting, often helps pave the way for a handknit. Even if they don’t like they feel too guilty then to say 😉

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