The futility of flouncing :(

Just a few short rows from the end of some gift knitting, I realised that I’d have to frog back beyond a section and re-do. Some errors look charmingly hand-made, some don’t, and this one didn’t. I put it aside for a couple of days to see if it was as bad as I thought. It was. Then I realised that I could have knitted the whole thing again in my flouncing time. Then I sulked some more. It still needed redoing, but the yarn, pattern and recipient were still perfect for one another and that was a nice thing to realise. Today, spurred by the thought of having to report progress, I finally frogged back, and managed to get the stitches back onto those cocktail-stick sized needles. So we’re off again, hopefully another fortnight will see the end of the gift knitting for people who aren’t Small Girl. I am actually missing Babette now, and am looking forward to getting back to my Year of Projects list. Though none of this Christmas knitting would be happening if it weren’t for Year of Projects (and Keri’s Guide to Gift Knitting) so I don’t feel too bad about including it in lieu of a YoP update.

191120113570Here is a very poor picture of how Small Girl entertains herself during my gift knitting. It’s an Upsy-daisy figurine dangling from my stitch counter loop. I hope you’ve all had good weeks! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments last week, I appreciated them all.


8 thoughts on “The futility of flouncing :(

  1. Ha ha, we’ve all been there, I certainly have spent so long deliberating I’ve missed the point. I have more than one project that I am currently sulking at, but a cushion springs to mind that I can’t remember how I mad the first square so I’ve hidden it.

    Small girl is ingenious!

  2. I’ve been there too – so infuriated with projects (read “myself”) that I haven’t been able to look at them! Glad you’re back onto it now.

  3. Oh I hate it if I have to frog knitting – being hopeless at it, I have to find a knitting friend to help me out. By the sound of it, you clearly don’t have my problem so I’m looking forward to seeing a finished pic soon. Have a great week. xoxox

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