Little bits of progress

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week, they were so encouraging.

This week has gone better, though this is still strictly a Christmas knitting update rather than a Year of Projects one. Still, next week’s update should see the end of that work which I cannot blog about and hopefully the restart of either Babette or some Christmas crafting for Small Girl.

xmas yarnSo I redid the frogged work and everything looks a whole lot better. Since I can’t give pictures of the actual projects, here’s a picture of the Christmas yarns. The two arans are Artesano (no surprise there Smile ) and the orange/yellow is AtelierZitron’s fabulous Trekking XXL sock yarn. It’s soft, not too twisty, and knits up beautifully. I am doomed to make a pair of socks in this at some point.

The rest of my week has been taken by 3 more school visits, more school application admin, some housework, and finally putting the money down for a new bike (hurrah!) Bike is due on Thursday, weather is due to start going downhill on Tuesday. Sigh.  We did however, this week, get the wonderful news that Small Girl is in catchment for a lovely school in a village on the outskirts of town. The council have missed our address off the system that allocates addresses to schools, which as you can imagine is presenting some challenges. Luckily, this school was able to show us that we fall well within their catchment area, and they do their own admissions processing so there’s less chance of the council messing it up deciding that we are not in catchment for that school. We now just have the same problem as everyone else – ie hoping that there are no more 30 priority places, siblings and “in area other” children applying for the 30 spaces. It’s going to be a long wait to April, when we get to know.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a good week. Christmas is starting to look alarmingly close, and New Year even closer somehow. Where did that year go? Have I really spent nearly six months of it blogging about knitting and crochet every week? Who’d have thought it?


7 thoughts on “Little bits of progress

  1. Great news about small girl and school — fingers crossed that all continues to go in your favor on that front. Christmas knitting … ah, yes. I’m going to spend a little time this morning going over what I’ve already completed and look over my list again. I seem to keep adding to that list without checking many FOs off. What’s up with that? : )

  2. Glad things are moving forward this week, I too am looking forward to ticking off a few things so I can get on with the nice projects again.

    Pleased also that small girl’s school application is working out, having to wait that long though until you know won’t be easy. I’m afraid my boys have recently become part of a school out of catchment, it was extremely stressful deciding to move them from their old school, but I’m so glad we did, and despite racking up huge fuel bills and being in the car so much of my day, the difference in them has been overwhelming, making it worth all the hassle and stress……but I love my weekends not having the treks twice a day.

    Hope you have a fun week!

  3. I agree .. this six months has just flown by. What a relief re the school – is this your little girl’s first time at school? Things are different here in Australia and I don’t understand your system but I could ‘hear’ the sigh of relief in your post. By the way, I LOVE the colour of that gold yarn. Have a good week.

  4. Finding a school for your child can be so stressful and time consuming; good luck!
    Why do you say you’re doomed to make socks one day? I love that orange-yellow yarn! How fun the socks will be in that.

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