Christmas knitting finished!

Hurrah! All done, bar a dozen or so ends to weave in, which I shall do tonight as well as wrapping the gifts and getting them ready to post. There are no words for the warm glow of achievement radiating from chez Goodpurl at the moment. I did learn that even the most straightforward pattern can become difficult when you get careless in the rush to finish. Binding off 5 rows early on an item small enough to make the omission of 5 rows of rib obvious was a particular lowpoint, and of course I didn’t notice until I had cut the wool. d’oh. On the plus side, I can now frog a bound off edge.

angelina ballerinaNext up is a crocheted toy for Small Girl, which I can share with abandon. It will be based on the Ballerina Bunny, but will likely be modified with mouse ears and a pink bow as a nod to her current Angelina Ballerina obsession. I am desperate to get back to my Babette blanket too. The school term finishes in two weeks and the time is right for lots of easily pick-up-and-put-down-able crochet squares in a zillion cheerful colours.

I want to answer Kepanie, who quite rightly asked why I said that I felt “doomed” to knit socks in last week’s post. In retrospect, “fated” would have been a better choice of word. I have loved the idea of being able to knit a perfect sock pretty much since seeing many of the perfect socks being knitted on Kepanie’s, Minding my Own Stitches and Ruby’s blogs, to name just a few. Bought socks never seem to last either intact or as a pair, and I have perpetually freezing odd-sized feet. Pregnancy was 9.5months of hot-footed happiness for me – even the nausea and exhaustion couldn’t cancel out the twin joys of toasty feet and unlimited cheesecake. Knitting socks always looked difficult, but now that I am happy with double pointed needles and the idea of picking up stitches, I think the time is right to try. Even if I just end up with a snuggly warm pair to keep me warm in bed when the Mister is away.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments last week. Next year will be the start of Proper School, and I’m glad that I’m not alone in finding the whole thing a bit of an ordeal. I started off with what I thought was a simple wish for a secular age 4-11 school within walking distance. Let’s just say that compromises are being made on two out of three of those. Faith, good on you for moving for boys to a school that is better for them, that must have been all kinds of difficult but so very worth it.


10 thoughts on “Christmas knitting finished!

  1. Sounds like you’ve made wonderful headway. Must type quickly as the snow falling here on your page is making me cold. Must hurry, lol. I really don’t like snow and am dreading it beginning here.

  2. I need to catch the knit socks bug but have to master the whole double pointed needle thing. For a fairly coordinated person, they for whatever reason, make me feel like the most UN-coordinated! I just have to find the time to work at it and get the feel for it :). Jealous of your completed holiday knitting but congratulations for sure! Quite the achievement for very beginning of December!

  3. Clever you! I have nowhere near got to the end of my Christmas stuff, and something tells me it will be a close run thing. Your mouse/rabbit project sounds fun and so do the socks…..look forward to seeing both.

  4. Well done on finishing your Christmas gifts – very impressed! I have a feeling mine will be a panicked race to finish on the plane home! And definitely go for the socks – scary at first but really addictive and fun once you get going

  5. Mahalo for mentioning me :O). So sweet of you.
    You can customize the length of your socks then if store ones don’t fit well. I heard it’s rude to post a link on someone’s blog so I’ll just mention if you Google the lady has videos on how to knit a sock, part by part! I bookmarked the first video because that’s how I learned I was knitting the wrong way in the round = how I had gotten stuck on the Jelly Bean Sock pattern when it came to start the heel flap.
    If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask me.

  6. Great progress on getting to the end of your Christmas list. I to am going to attempt socks in the new year and the ladies have all given wonderful hints and tips.

  7. The bunny is so cute! I’m sure your daughter will love it as a mouse. Good luck getting back on track with Babette, and trying sock knitting for the first time!

  8. Yay to you for getting your Christmas gift knitting done within the first week of December. You put me to shame … here I am sloughing away at the same two WIPs when I should be wrapping FOs like you! You’re an inspiration. As for sock knitting, as I shampooed my hair this morning, revising my gift knitting list, I did think of some nice cushy socks but, like mitts (also on my list), I feel a little daunted by having to knit TWO of them. I can’t just give one sock, can I? : )

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