Babette. Is. Back.

101120113630Finally. The gift knitting is done and posted, and I’m not missing the knitting needles in the slightest (though I suspect that will change in a few days). I fished out Babette from her bag, made a few 2 round squares and seamed up the first third of section nine. The second third is now under way, and I’m trying not to worry about the forthcoming set of 8 (EIGHT!) 2-round squares that will need to be joined in a 2×4 grid. An 8-round square flew off my hook, in colours that sing, and it was as easy as sitting down with an old friend and catching up quickly and quietly over a pot of tea. This one won’t be finished for Christmas, and I’m not bothered about that. This girl won’t be rushed. I do need to remember just what combination of smaller hook/simpler stitches I used for the 2-rounders however, as mine are looking a little big. I’m sure it will all sort itself out when I add the adjoining border/squares.

The amigurumi bunny/mouse has not got off to a good start. The yarn splits, my magic circles are too tight, and I keep losing stitches somewhere. I will try again, perhaps I won’t fully tighten the circle until after the second round rather than the first. I think I’m definitely a large scale crocheter and a small scale knitter. I can’t help thinking that if crochet was meant to be tiny then we’d have the hook equivalent of  teeny tiny dpns. I know that someone is going to link me up to teeny tiny crochet hooks now…

How’s your week been?


11 thoughts on “Babette. Is. Back.

  1. Ahh, tiny hooks, don’t think I’ve recently seen those but I do remember seeing an article about some lady that knits with her sewing pins and toothpicks. Yikes! Bummer about the yarn splitting, that’s enough to frustrate you on any project, no matter the size! Yay for bringing back out the bag and it’s happy color goodness! Keeps the warmth going through the cold months 😛

    • knitting on pins…. oh my!
      I’ve edited my post as it wasn’t very clear – Babette is a blanket, a glorious riot of colour blanket, stored in an equally riotous cloth bag that a great friend gave to me.

  2. Nice to see Babette again. She is a beauty already. Love all the colors.

    I am with you…….I would rather crochet on a larger scale and save the small stuff for the needles. But alas we both do what we have to do to make people happy.

  3. I’m still loving Babette and am glad she is back. I do have a teeny tiny crochet hook but I use it for adding beads to shawls. It fits in the hole of a seed bead.

  4. Yay for the babette! You’re very jammy finishing your Christmas stuff already, I will be burning the candle me thinks between now and the big day.

    We had the best time in centerparcs but I am definitely reminded that I am the worst cyclist you have ever seen!

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