Last Year of Projects post before Christmas!

Wow, where have the weeks gone since July? It is properly cold here now and Small Girl and I are keeping warm in the various hats, cowls and gloves that would never have been created if I hadn’t signed up to Year Of Projects. Thank you Keri!

Not a huge amount of progress this week – Small Girl was ill with a cold and now I have it too. But Babette is still happily growing, and I am doing the ends and joining for the second third of Section 9. Every so often I still get a colour combination that delights me with its vivacity – such a welcome treat in December! It was lovely to read all your comments last week and to realise that Babette is cherished outside of this house too. Small Girl is starting to ask “Are you finished my new blanket yet, Mummy?” Sorry sweets, this one’s for me. Who am I kidding…

Most definitely for  me, however,  will be this beautiful Million Stripes cowl, which I found on ProjectStashEL’s Likes page when stalking reviewing my Rav friends’ activity. There are no words for how much I love Ravelry, I’m sure it’s not healthy. But I don’t care. That cowl is adorable, presents some timely learning opportunities, and I believe I have a yarn in mind for it. I can’t think of a more perfect January project, so it shall be added to the list, yarn procured forthwith, and started after Christmas. Thank you, Evelyn!

Hopefully I’ll be back in a few days with some photos of Babette and new yarn. There won’t be an update here on Christmas Day, but I’m sure I’ll manage one soon after. Happy Christmas to everyone who reads here, and your families and loved ones x


6 thoughts on “Last Year of Projects post before Christmas!

  1. Don’t you love that? You claim to make something for yourself and another family member claims it for themselves! Just makes you feel good that your handmade items are in demand in the house! Hope the cold doesn’t hang around too long (although as soon as colds show up, it’s long enough already, right?) and you can have a fantastic Christmas holiday with your family and friends!

  2. Hope you and Small Girl recover from your colds quickly and with not to much more discomfort. Really looking forward to another update pic of Babette and I’m sure you’ll get to keep it NOT ! lol
    Love the Million Stripes Cowl and I can’t wait to see what yarn you choose for it.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement and reassurance regarding the tools and cabling. That does make me feel better. Sorry you’re under the weather and hope you feel better super soon. lol…blanket for yourself…understand completely……I think about making items for myself…..but rarely does it end up that way.

  4. I think your Babette is beloved the world over!! I’m sure you can share it with Small Girl (as long as she promises to share with you, too). And I’m itching to knit the million stripes cowl but with so many other WIPs on the needles now, I’m with you … a good January project! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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