Santa Claus is coming (to dinner)


Here’s our new festive tablecloth that is now hemmed and just needs a few ends sewing in and a quick press. The fabric is a cotton/linen blend which was on sale. After that, there will be no more sewing until 2012 when I will finally hem the four pairs of curtains that are currently hanging un-hemmed. I’d love to say that I made the napkins too, but they came from the local shop that sells perfect home-wares, gifts and perfumes. The mitred corners are far beyond anything I could sew at the moment. Hence the curtains being un-hemmed.

231220113646I’m going to take the opportunity to give a huge plug say thank you very much to Abby at Crafty-Yarn. On Wednesday, a yarn that I wanted was out of stock in a particular colourway. No problem, we agreed that Abby would order it and post it to me when it arrived after Christmas. Friday’s post brought me that exact colour, posted direct from Artesano. How cool is that? Here is the set of six, the green and the orange are slightly less vibrant in real life. Now I can take my time working out the exactly perfect colour sequence for the million stripes wrap, and the best place for that tricky orange. In the meantime, there are some ends to sew in on Babette before I crack on with the block of 8 2-round squares that I’m really not looking forward to.

Happy Christmas to you all, have a wonderful time wherever and however you are spending it. I’ll be back next week.


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