Nostepinne, or not a nostepinne


I need to wind some wool, but don’t have access to a swift and winder. Above is my attempt using a You-tube Nostepinne video and what is  known in this house as the “clue stick”. It did go significantly better than my attempt with the kitchen roll inner-tube, but I still have to admit to not being wildly flushed with success at the resulting scruffy ball. I’ll try again soon.


While I’m here, I’ll add a photo of the Christmas knitting that I know has arrived safely in the US. I think the nicest thing was when the recipient said “Did you 041120113600make them, Kate?” Apparently they will be perfect for texting in chilly Indiana temperatures. The pattern is the very lovely One Cable Mitts fingerless gloves, and the designer was super helpful to me – thank you! Yarn is my ubiquitous Artesano Aran, which is half wool and half alpaca. K, if you’re reading this, wash them very gently by hand in cold water, don’t spin or use hot water as they will felt. Anyway, I will bring you more Christmas knitting pictures once I know that the gifts arrived safely at their destinations.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Ours here was perfect in a very low key way, and I loved it.


2 thoughts on “Nostepinne, or not a nostepinne

  1. I think your ball has a great, relaxed look to it. It certainly looks like you had a ball trying, any rate! Lucky K, the gloves are beautiful.

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