New Years Day–year of projects pictures


The calm after the Christmas excitement has been very productive for me.

I finished, joined and attached section 9 of the Babette blanket. So “just” the enormous section 10 and the border to go. I think we’ll be done by the end of Feb, allowing for quite a lot of concurrent knitting. It’s quite a poor photo, in real life the colours are far more vibrant and it is of course in focus.  It was a joy to shake it out of the bag and see just how “blanketty” it’s becoming.

161020113475I now have all the yarn I need for the Million Stripes wrap, but this has been temporarily put on hold whilst I make a Felicity hat for one of my sisters. She turned up in a jacket that was just the perfect match for the glacier-blue merino/silk blend from Natural Dye Studio that I still hadn’t done anything with.  It is knitting up absolutely beautifully and is delightfully drape-y. I did a bit of guesswork on sizing up the pattern, but so far so good. If the sizing isn’t right, there is a plan B, in that there is an alternate version of the same pattern (Ravelry link) made in fingering weight yarn, which I think will work perfectly in the blue/green Trekking sock yarn that I have. In fact I may end up making that one too, if this one turns out well. Photo is an old one of the yarn, as the light is too poor to show the yarn well today. I’ve just finished all the increase rounds so the hat should be finished soon.

010120123662My million stripes wrap will be done in Artesano Alpaca superfine DK. Colours are pink, purple, orange, blue, green and cream. I honestly can’t wait to start and to see how the yarn knits up and how the stripes work together.

Happy New Year everyone! May you all have inspiration, plentiful yarn and the time, health and shelter to enjoy them.

I’m going to finish with a picture of a blanket that’s been on my mind since stumbling across it on Ravelry a couple of days ago on a thread in the Vanna’s Choice group. I have enough blankets, I have enough blankets, I have enough blankets…. Click for a (non-Rav) link to the free pattern by Kathy Merrick on, then please make it so I don’t have to Winking smile

kathy merrick urchins and limpets from knittingdaily


13 thoughts on “New Years Day–year of projects pictures

  1. Oh my .. I got such a shock when I read about the million stripes wrap !!! After looking at the pattern I see its not actually a million stripes at all (phew). It looks lovely and the yarn you’ve chosen should look beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. Happy New Year to you and yours too – hope 2012 is the best year ever (with plenty of time to crochet) xoxox

  2. Ah, come on… can’t fool me, you definitely do not have enough blankets, there’s no such thing….I refuse to make a blanket just so you don’t have to…’re not getting out of it that easily young lady! Lovely blanket, I can see why it’s been on your mind. I am starting a new blanket hopefully tonight which is a new baby that might even be being born now.

    Your new yarn looks lovely, I love the chalky colours and I bet it’s super soft. Your babette is also looking very blanketty and feb sounds like a good deadline.

    Happy 2012 Kate, I hope that’s it’s a good one in lots of ways for you and your family. Thank you for your lovely comments and encouragement on my blog.

    P.s I play piano (plunky style) various windy instruments and I also own(but need to actually play) uilleann pipes which were incredibly expensive and they don’t often come out of the box….hense the resolution.

  3. It’s serendipity that your sister walked in wearing a jacket that shouted out the name of a matching yarn! I’d have cast on straight a way as well. It’s meant to be!

    Babette is very “blanketty” and gorgeous! It’s going to brighten your blog throughout these dreary winter months!

  4. Oh my, but your projects are simply lovely! I have loved your Babette blanket from the very beginning and am amazed at how far you have come–do you not feel quite proud of yourself? You should! The yarn for your Million Stripes is so elegant and soft looking, but must say all that striping would stress me out. 😉 The hat you are knitting is such a pretty pattern, and one that even I as a non-hat wearer would consider wearing. As far as that stunning little blanket at the end of the post goes, sorry but I can’t make one–I don’t crochet. Seriously, you should consider it though–LOL—-how is that for a little friendly support?
    Have a happy week–

  5. I love the Babette. It’s almost enough to make me want to learn how to crochet. Also, I can see why you are so tempted by the second blanket, It it wonderful.

    I hope 2012 finds you and your happy and healthy and with all the crochet time you want. Cheers.

  6. Your Babette is absolutely stunning! I’m really fussy about crochet things, but that blanket of beautiful squares is gorgeous. I love your colour selection. I know the square design is inspired by a famous piece of art… I can’t put my finger on the name though.

    That alpaca is so pretty. I’m knitting something in alpaca at the moment, and it’s so soft – just heavenly. I imagine you’ll have a lovely time with your wrap.

  7. Too many blankets? What crafty person says that? There’s always SOMEWHERE to put a blanket 😛 <—says the woman who has 6 blankets to do in 2012. Luckily all but two are gifts but still, what was I thinking? Your Babette is looking so cheery, I love it!

  8. 1st of all, the Babette is FABULOUS!!! What an amazing job on it! I think it’s great you put it in your header b/c dang right you should be hella proud of it.
    2ndly, mahalo for the Million Stripes rec. I pinned it to remind me later on. I love Anthro but they’re so darn expensive so I don’t really shop there at all.
    3rd, mahalo again for the Urchin blanket rec. Pinned that as well. It looks a bit intimidating but I think I would be able to make one one day.
    Lastly, Hau ‘oli Makahiki Hou! Hope you had an awesome holiday last month.

  9. Just love your babette and your choice of yarn for the million stripes shawl is wonderful. Is there such a thing as two many blankets ? It is a gorgeous blanket

  10. Your Babette is fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing a pic of it when its finished. The yarn you’ve selected for the million stripes afghan looks so soft and the colours should look lovely.

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