Projects List–updated with progress at the 6month mark

Original list – 3 out of 6 finished, 2 non-starters (failed gauge) and 1 on the way to finished.


  • Elle Melle cardigan. In the naughty corner due to irreconcilable gauge differences  Knit. Ravelry link non-Ravelry link Update 3rd Jan 2012 – will try again, working in a larger size if needed.
  • Big Sister dress. See Elle Melle cardigan above. Knit. Ravelry link non-Ravelry link
  • 010120123663Babette blanket. Crochet with a gazilllion ends to sew in. Ravelry link non-Ravelry link  Update 3rd Jan 2012 – the final section is underway and I hope to have the whole thing finished by March (2012).
  • Stephen West’s Purl Ridge scarf. Knit. In the round. Ravelry link. non-Ravelry link Finished!


Added to the list in my head  ( eight items done, or as good as done).


And coming soon…

  • Million stripe wrap – yarn bought, next up
  • And also in the pipeline – hot water bottle cover (yarn bought), another Felicity (stash yarn), some birthday gifts for my mum, and socks (stash yarn). And a long way in the future, just visible on the horizon, a cardigan for me and just maybe that Urchins and Limpets blanket…

Skills added to my knitting cv

  • Russian splice
  • German twisted cast on (I have to admit to liking this one so much that I have to look up the normal one…)
  • Knitting in the round on circular needles
  • Knitting in the round on dpns
  • Cables
  • Button holes
  • Picking up stitches
  • Finally getting the hang of exactly which way a stitch should sit on the needle
  • Casting on more stitches part-way through
  • Continental knitting, though I prefer the gauge I get from English knitting
  • Frogging without fear (well not too much fear)
  • un-knitting

Actually, for six months, I’m pretty darn happy with that. Thanks to everyone for reading, and for helping me out whenever I got stuck x


6 thoughts on “Projects List–updated with progress at the 6month mark

  1. I love that you’re adding your new skills to the list. Such a great idea. BTW – no idea what a Russian Splice is. Isn’t Dashing a great little pattern? I love it.

  2. Thank you all!
    Keri, I think it might properly be called a Russian Join, it’s a way of joining a yarn when the yarn can’t be felted. Yes, I loved Dashing, though I’ve just noticed that I need to rework in an end.
    Emma, good idea about stealing Babette! Perhaps you can wait until I’ve finished some more squares, then you can join them too 🙂

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