January diversions

070120123677We only had one morning of real sun this week, which happily coincided with a nursery day and saw me straight out on the bike. Other than that, it’s been a productive week of crafting on some very grey days. The final section of Babette is progressing well.  My plan is to finish this section in January, then do the border in February. This is definitely one of those projects that get slower the closer you get to the end, probably because the sections are getting bigger but the individual squares are getting smaller. It’s quite frustrating.

070120123678I also finished my sister’s hat, washed and blocked it (though you can’t really tell on the latter). It was a real pleasure to make, and I’m looking forward to doing another one in the sock yarn pattern variation. Pattern is Felicity (Ravelry link). I should say that it was heavily hacked for sizing and yarn reasons, so I haven’t really done it justice, the top should be a bit wider and slouchier. But my word, the yarn…..

070120123679The Million Stripes Loop (I will get the name right!) is underway now. I have to admit to cursing the provisional crochet cast-on. The pattern said to use a contrast smooth yarn, so I foolishly picked out the cotton that had already defeated me on the ill-fated amigurumi project. This was not a good choice, the yarn split so 070120123681much that I could barely count the stitches ( a consolatory G&T at this point probably didn’t help). I switched to some of the Lang Tissa cotton which is far less splitty, and things went a lot better. It’s the brown edge that you can see in the photo right. I don’t even know if I’ve done it right or not, unless I pull it out just to see. And I’m not quite that worried curious. Next time however I shall try the version where you crochet straight onto the knitting needle rather than the one where you poke the knitting needle through the back of the crochet chain stitches. Anyway, those few minutes of hassle (and the following first couple of rounds joining angst) have been forgotten in the pleasure of a delightful yarn in perfect colours following a well thought-out pattern. Faith got it bang-on last week when she described the colours as “chalky”.

I’m now back in my perfect place of having one crochet project and one knitting project on the go simultaneously. Babette has somehow climbed the maintenance curve (I blame all the ends) so it’s nice to have the gentle zen of the loop to switch to when I can’t face joining another 5 2-round squares.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on last week’s post, and on my six month update. I hope you’ve all had a great week and that 2012 is starting well for you. And for Dorothy –thank you – the cat is Gizzie, one of two ginger sisters we bought home from a rescue shelter. Sadly we lost her sister to cancer last year. Gizzie is a delight and does like snuggling on every blanket she can find.


12 thoughts on “January diversions

  1. Yes the version of prov cast on where you use the hook to make a new stitch around the needle is a good one. You could also just knit your cast on in the normal way in scrap yarn.You might have to snip it out, but that’s okay.
    I’ll add these suggestions to the pattern. Thank you VERY much.

    • Thank you for commenting! I’m still very much a novice (albeit ambitious) knitter, so more experienced knitters would probably have fewer problems. The pattern is lovely, and I’m going to practise Kitchener stitch on something else first. All the links in your pattern were very helpful too, thank you.

  2. Yay .. go Gizzie. Sad about her sister though. I have a Japanese Chin dog who got cancer in her lower jaw which ended up having to be removed. I was so worried as to whether she’d be able to eat ok but although slow, she manages ok and really enjoys her food. Tasha’s operation was about 5 years ago now. She was such a pretty little girl but because of no bottom jaw, she now hangs her tongue out all the time. We still love her madly though.

  3. The last half of a blanket is always painful, but it’s going to be fabulous! The colours are just so wonderful!

    I’ve had good success with provisional cast ons unzipping as long as I’m carefully about knitting into the back loops of the chains. I think you’ll be fine!

  4. Oh for the end elves who come and do it all when you’re sleeping, I detest doing ends, but I’m afraid I stll leave them all to the end.

    I like the idea of havin a knitting and crochet job on. M knitting is very basic, and I find a lot of you knitters talking technique way over my head. But maybe this year I should push my boundaries a little.

  5. Go you, trying a provisional cast on! That technique freaks me out! 🙂 Once again, I have to say how stunning Miss Babbette is–you will have such a prize when you complete it.

  6. What joy to see your Babette and I’m so impressed that you’ve cast on the Million Stripes Loop. I can’t wait to see how that progresses! One WIP on each a set of needles and hook — you are a strong-willed woman and I like that!

  7. Well everything is absolutely gorgeous! Those grey days are certainly proving productive 🙂 I am also impressed with just 2 WIPs and one of each type at that, I have no such self-restraint and am finding lots of distractingly-good (?) patterns.

  8. Oh wow; and here I thought you done w/Babette. You are so hardcore and it is so rockin’ awesome.
    I like your sister’s hat; can we see how it looks upon her head? I do love a good slouchy beanie.
    I’m excited to see the evolution of your Million Stripes Loop! Will the ends be Kitchener Stitched?

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