Are we nearly there yet?

140120123687I may have colour fatigue from having Babette semi-permanently laid out in a corner of my living room, but now there are just 5 4-round squares and 4 2-round squares to go in Section 10, before starting the border marathon. I hope to do the 2-round squares this afternoon, along with an hour or so catching up on ends. On Tuesday I’m planning a yarn shop trip, to pick up supplies for the border.  The yarn is holding up well, touch wood there should be enough left for the remaining 9 squares without having to have the same two colours in every square.

140120123690There’s not been so much time spent on the Million Stripes loop this week, but it has been a welcome relief from the stop/start Babette. My stripe allocation and yarnage will vary a bit to that in the pattern,as I’m running at 5g/stripe compared to the 3g/stripe from the featherweight Colourmart used in the pattern. Those alpacas must have heavy coats. It is such a delight to knit, and I love the yarn.

How’s your week been? I have to say that January goes a lot faster with things on the needles.


8 thoughts on “Are we nearly there yet?

  1. I must say. Your header took my breath away. I am really loving your babette. I may have said that before though 😉 . The million stripes looks pretty too.

  2. The Babette is awesome. I tell you that every week, but truly it is. Hope you’re able to match colors since you’re heading out to get what you need for the border. I always over buy for fear or running out. How did you do the banner? It’s awesome.

  3. I think seeing as your babette is so appreciated by your readers it should be a giveaway gift? What d’ya think? No……oh…..

    Million stripes is gorgeous, I can imagine how soft it is…giveaway item too?

    That limpet thing has played on my mind a little, can’t wait for you to start it!

  4. Again–I just have to say how much I love your Babette! Such pretty colors to look at during the gray that is January. The striped scarf looks so soft and cozy–

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