Not quite finished (but oh so nearly)

All squares made. All ends sewn. All sections joined. Peace made with all regrets (sludgey 10 round square, I’m looking at you). All that remains is the border, which may take a bit longer than planned as Babette went straight onto Small Girl’s bed (“You’ve finished my blanket Mummy! Well done!”). On the bright side, at least there’s now a home in my den for the notional Urchins and Limpet blanket.

170120123700Thank you for your wonderful and helpful comments, they are all read and appreciated. To address a couple from Sandy and Faith – the blog header is a lucky shot in full sun which I then cropped to size in the WordPress header feature. The blue and white background is an appliqued Tahitian bedspread (called a Ti Fai Fai I think). And no, this Babette is not being given away, not even to you wonderful people, or to anybody resident outside these four walls! Apologies for the poor picture above – it is greyer than grey here today and the camera  flash has washed all those lovely colours out. I’ll add a better one when the weather improves

170120123698The border will be slightly improvised as I have no idea how much yarn it will take per round. If it needs more than 1.5 balls per round, it will be a two round border. If not, I might stretch to 3 or 4 rounds. I have no appetite for serious leftovers on this project. As you can see though, that ship may have already sailed (I’m thinking Vintage Stripe baby blanket). I’ve bought two balls each of pale pink and light orange to get the border started, but am most definitely taking today off.


7 thoughts on “Not quite finished (but oh so nearly)

  1. Wow. It looks amazing. Well done for persevering with such a long haul project. The border really wont be as painful to crochet as you think it will.

  2. Yay! Congratulations! It looks wonderful, even on a grey day. I’m sure Small Girl might keep it for quite a while without a border. You could also do a “scrappy” border like you see sometimes in quilts where you just use up the yarns and then move onto the next color.

  3. Yay to you! It loks fab even in the greyness….we’ve had that here today too. Lucky small girl, but you can’t blame me for asking 😉

    I’ve been trying to be inspired to get a new header sorted on my blog but for some reason I am not speaking the same language as my computer this evening and am pretty near to picking it up and throwing it! So my old set-up remains!

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