More January Progress


As anyone popping by midweek saw, Babette is all done bar the border(hurrah!) Small Girl immediately requisitioned it to go onto her bed, and the blanket is now softening nicely from being alternately slept under and bounced on. I still can’t quite believe it’s as good as done, but am very happy with it! We’re planning a trip to see Granny and Grandpa soon, so I should get a good crack at the border then. I’m going to follow Marie’s excellent suggestion made in the comments to do a “scrappy” border, to use up all the leftovers.


In other news, my million stripe loop is working up very well. I’m going to swap out the orange for another colour, so there will be a delay before this gets finished, but I just couldn’t quite see the orange working with my skin tone. The yarn is Artesano Alpaca dk, and it knits up beautifully. This is the first time I’ve knitted stripes, and I love the magic of the stitches changing colour as I knit them from the left to the right.

So I’m left with the problem of what to do next. I bought the wrong weight of yarn for the hot water bottle cover, so need to find something else and may well resort to using the yarn recommended in the pattern. I don’t want to make the yarn commitment to a big project right now, so the cardigan and blanket are out. I’m deleting the Big Sister dress from my list, as the measurements are completely wrong for Small Girl, and the gauge struggles have left me quite demotivated. Which leaves either doing another Felicity in sock weight yarn, or biting the bullet and actually trying some socks. I have yarn and needles, and two patterns, and hopefully some time coming up too.


23 thoughts on “More January Progress

  1. Socks! Come on you know you want to!

    Your million stripes is lovely, I naturally pick up stripey things and that’s pretty perfect as far as colours go….love it! Doesn’t the bit you’re on now look like Cornish ware.

    Looking forward to seeing the new project, I’m floundering slightly, lots of differen yarns, just no ideas that grab me. I really fancied that jumper, but I will have to buy yarn for the whole job as have had no luck looking for more of the Sirdar. Thanks for help with the gauge though.

  2. Congrats! It turned out awesome. I’ve had such fun watching this progress and thinking I’d like to make one then thinking about all those ends…..argh. Glad the little one is so happy with it.

  3. You are truly amazing! Your Babette is so beautiful — what an heirloom — and the million stripes is coming along perfectly. I can’t wait to cast one on myself. As for “what next?” — how about a cardigan for small girl (or even yourself?).

  4. Woo hoo! I always find your Babette phenomenal every Sunday. It’s such a work of modern art. You should definitely give it a good photo shoot at the end and frame those pics in a collage frame.
    That alpaca yarn you’re using for the Million Stripes Loop looks so divinely soft. What heaven it must feel.
    Yes, yes! Do try socks; Ruth just tried the Jelly Bean Socks pattern for the very first time. You can do it!

  5. Love love love the Babette, its so amazingly bright and cheery, love it. The million stirpes is gorgeous and the yarn looks lovely. Do yes try socks. As Kepanie says I just tried the Jelly Bean Socks and they were so easy to follow, and I’d never knitted them before, If I can do it anyone can lol. Go on give them a go…you know you want to but be warned socks are addictive !

  6. Wow! Babette looks amazing. It just sparkles. Go with the socks. It is just straight knitting (or cables or whatever your pattern you have) until you get to the heel. And the heel is not hard. Just follow the directions like any other project and you will be fine.

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