The last January post…

My, it feels like it has been a very long month. This week’s blog post comes to you from Cornwall, where we are waiting to see if it really will snow in the next couple of days.

270120123724There’s quite a bit to share this week. Babette is having her border done. The scrappy border is being postponed for another time, and this Babette border will be a relatively restrained affair of 3 or 4 rounds in pale pink and orange. You can just see the first one on the photo. It is a yarn-eater – one ball does one round with just a couple of metres left over, and of course that will change as the rounds get larger.

270120123727The Million Stripe wrap is working up well. I have to admit to being slightly unconvinced by the green, but I am reserving final judgement until all adjoining colours are in place. By which point, if it still doesn’t work, there will be absolutely zero chance of me frogging all those 270120123729stripes anyway and I’ll just have to wear that section at the back. In my head it was more of a lichen-y grey/green. Pink and green turn up together all the time in nature, right? It could just be that my colour vision hasn’t really re-adjusted to subtle after the bright Babette colours.  Anyway, I shall see what the blue/aquamarine stripes add later on tomorrow, as I could potentially do the last section in blue/biscuit if there is too much of a fight with the pink/green.

270120123726There was a small amount of incoming sock stash this week – a skein of soft and smooshy Lorna’s Laces in Tickled Pink, which makes my heart sing,  and a ball of Trekking  XXL in tweedy dark green, which doesn’t (but which will probably improve with knitting and will be fine for starting out with). Not every day can be a pink socks day, after all. You can see from the picture the small pair of curious hands that crept catlike into shot, in between pressing the shutter release to focus and my phone taking the picture. Can’t deny the girl’s taste!

Finally, I passed the Felicity hat across to my sister, who loves it, and who has graciously and enthusiastically agreed that I can make her another one in the sock yarn pattern variation. She’s had it for just over a day and it’s already been pressed into service going to work, walking the dog and going to the pub. So I’m considering that a runaway success.  Sorry, no picture (protecting the innocent/guilty)! I will however end with a photo of my Mum’s first daffodils – which are blooming away amidst the January frosts. A lovely sign that Spring really and truly is on her way.



11 thoughts on “The last January post…

  1. I can imagine how yarn hungry that border would be, the sunny spread I did used loads of cotton around the edges, but it’s worth the layout as it finishes the blanket off so well….it’s looking gorgeous!

    Your million stripes is looking good too, it’s funny how colours set off against each other, the pink at one end (with the purple) looks totally different against the green, but I’m guessing it’s the same? I would be inclined to say the green will sit more happily with you when you go onto the next bands of colours, I bet it will change the look of it again. That green would look very different sat against that purple for instance….colour mixing is a funny thing isn’t it?

    Looks like you have a girl after my own heart, I do love pink!

  2. The Babette is wonderful, so bright and cheery and the million stripes is looking great. The yarn colours for the socks is gorgeous.

  3. You are doing so well! I like the green in your Million Stripes. You can do green and another color; maybe the blue? How fun to get sock yarn; they’re so eye-catchy.

  4. I am in love with your Babette! Lucky you to almost have it done to snuggle under! Congrats on our successful hat gift-it is always terrific when our efforts are appreciated. Enjoy your snow if you get it–I sure did ours 2 weeks ago. It is cozy to knit/crochet while the snow falls.

  5. I always think it’s worth seeing how something turns out when it’s finished, my last project had stripes that I thought looked horrible when I was knitting it, but looked great in the end.

  6. Babette catches my breath every time I see it – you should be extremely proud of that one! And don’t worry about the million stripes – I agree with the others in your replies – once you’ve worked in the other colours, I’m sure it will be fine.

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