pass me my hat so I can eat it

At some point since starting this blog-a-long, I have started thinking of myself as a knitter. This is something I never imagined would happen, particularly during the three years that it took me to finish Small Girl’s Christening blanket.

I realised this when I found myself writing a list of projects on the back of an envelope, over breakfast, allocating months to them, and thinking “Microsoft Project would be handy for this”. I’d suspected something was up when I had to buy a second stash bag, and then when I started wondering what to make for the various birthdays and new babies that are coming along this year. Those of you with a memory of more than a few weeks will remember me saying that I wouldn’t be knitting for other people. I failed that one too.

Babette needs just one more border round! The border is one round pale pink, two rounds orange and then one round of the yet to be bought bright pink. I can’t wait to finish it this week Smile It’s the perfect blanket and I’m so glad I made it. Thank you again for all your lovely comments, they are much appreciated.

020220123757The Million Stripes Loop is keeping its green stripes. It does make me feel a bit like a character in a Quentin Blake illustration, but I can’t imagine it with any other colour from the current selection (though I still think a licheny grey-green would have been Just The Ticket). I am going to make a very restrained one later this year. I promise. I have 4 more stripes, the ends, grafting and blogging left to do, so it should be finished and snuggled around my neck by this time next week.

020220123759I have cast on my first sock EVER – using the Ribbed Socks for Bigger Feet pattern from Spud and Chloe, with a stashed ball of Zitron Trekking XXL in a blue/green/white mix from Jumble-Jelly in Bradford on Avon. These are not going to be quick socks – I am plodding through six inches of k3/p1 rib on 2.75mm needles (sob). It’s going to be a good few days before I start doing anything in the least bit new and exciting, technique-wise. However, the pretty yarn is a good diversion and I love the feeling of not quite knowing how it’s all going to turn out.

030220123761So the plan for February is to finish Babette, the Loop, and hopefully the socks. I bought pattern and yarn for a baby beret and matching socks whilst in Cornwall last week, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to squeeze that too in during this short month (or at least the hat). And yes, those of you with a memory of more than two weeks will have seen that my two-project rule has also been abandoned. The hat won’t be started until Babette and the Loop are finished, but it just feels reassuring to have everything lined up for the next project!


22 thoughts on “pass me my hat so I can eat it

  1. Ooooh how exciting – Babette is nearly finished. Well done!! Looking forward to seeing a pic, hopefully next week. Bravo for starting those socks – I went so far as to buy the wool and a knitted sock pattern but then found a crochet socks book on bookdepository so am now awaiting its delivery. Have a great week. xoxox

  2. You must be so thrilled to have Babette so nearly finished and the million stirpes is looking lovely. Way to go on your first sock and once you get past the ribbing part it will get more exciting and you’ll be hooked lol.

  3. My first pair of socks is out of Zitron Trekking XXL (similar colorway, too) and they’ve held up very well. They’re definitely too big so they sag (and require another pair of plain socks underneath)…but I still love them.

    I’m on my fourth adult pair now (Honey Badger, FWIW)…….

    I think I have a sock problem.

    Oh, and I, too, am a knitter. I didn’t used to be until I realized my stash took up an entire closet by itself…or that I found myself planning yarn store trips wherever we went (though few came to fruition). Hmmm……

  4. Ribbing on the leg can feel a bit plodding while you’re working on it, but the finished socks are going to fit great! It’s very disappointing if you put in all sorts of hours on socks only to not be happy with them when you’re done 🙂

    Your choice of sock yarn looks very fresh and fun! Now, when can we see your finished Babette?! I just can’t wait!

  5. That shot of the loop is perfect, it just catches the softness of the yarn, you can see the warmth and snuggliness of it.

    I realise how much I have changed when like you, I think, oh, it’s such and such’s birthday, what will I make them….not just rushing out to the shops or scouring the Internet.

    The sock is looking good so far, I’m feeling a blue project coming on, I have a hankering for something blue in my life!

  6. Being a knitter, I say hat handmade gits are extra special. I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful yarn–so soft and pretty. Way to go on the socks too!

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