A very snuggly wintery week

What a fast week! I have no idea where the days went, though it probably had something to do with Small Girl’s fourth birthday, two snowfalls and the Mister being back home after a spell stateside. Next week is half-term so that’s going to be a busy one too.

080220123782The day that the temperature climbed to zero I went out without a coat, such was the contrast to the preceding days at minus 4. This spurred me to overcome my fear and graft the cowl ends together. My provisional cast on had to be removed with scissors, but I picked up the right number of stitches, and the wonderful Abby at Crafty Yarn kindly fixed the stitch that was actually a loop from elsewhere. There are 080220123778a couple of glitches with my grafting  and I think it’s a little tight, but actually I’m very happy with it for a first attempt. I am happy with the green, it just seems to work, somehow. That said, I picked up the biscuit yarn this week and it works perfectly with the pink too. Live and learn. It was a great project – I have tried lots of new techniques, most were successful, and I have a beautiful warm Million stripes loop when there is still snow on the ground. Result.

090220123786Babette is properly finished too – hurrah! I ran out of yarn about five stitches short of the end of the 4th border round, so ripped back some more and added a rogue pink corner. Now it has gone back onto Small Girl’s bed, where presumably it will stay until she reaches the end of her pink phase, at which point I can have it back. A full picture will follow as soon as the sun makes it through the cloud.

There’s been some progress made on the sock – all the ribbing is done and the heel flap is well underway. I have a feeling that a couple of the slipped stitches are not quite as they should be, but it looks like there’s something that can be picked up in the right place so I’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping it will all turn out ok, it doesn’t feel like anything I’ve made before. I suppose that makes sense for a first sock.

So I’m now down to the one project, which probably isn’t the most suitable for half-term with a high-maintenance pre-schooler. I think the next project up will be the Debbie Bliss baby Beret from Baby Cashmerino 3, not least because it’s all garter stitch and therefore easy to frog and to recover from frogging. And there’s a bit of paper-based stripe planning to do first. I’ll save the sock knitting for quiet times when I don’t have Small Girl hanging off some or other part of my body or trying to snuggle in between me and whatever it is I’m trying to do. I know that I’ll miss these days when they’re gone (stopping right now as she is resetting the time on my mobile phone…..) Happy new week, everyone!


13 thoughts on “A very snuggly wintery week

  1. Well done on all the finishes…love your million stripes and how great you get to wear it already. Your right the green just somehow works in there. I’ve bookmarked the link thank you. Love the babette and small girl I’m sure will love it and possibly may not give it back even after a pink phase lol. Enjoy the cuddles and snuggles the last for such a short period, mine are starting to wind down a bit 😦

  2. Your million stripes loop is just gorgeous, I am very jealous! Love your pink corner, great solution, did you hold your breath for the last few stitches at the end? I’ve been at that stage too many times for comfort where I am eeking out the last bit.

    I love you comment about your sock not being like anything you’ve ever made before…..and then backing it up with it being your first sock….your brain works like mine!

  3. Oh those heart stopping moments as you watch that piece of working yarn get shorter and shorter –I find myself working ever faster like that is really going to give me enough to finish! 🙂 Your million stripes is lovely and way to go you for finishing when the weather is still begging for it to be worn. Speaking as a 50 year old mom/grandma I must say you will miss these days with small girl, but that does not make it any easier now! 🙂
    Have super week–

  4. Your Million Stripes is so lovely. It looks like warm, soft hug around the neck and it has such character with the stripes. Green is one of my favorite colors and you mixed it w/the pink so I think it goes.
    Grafting takes a bit of practice and since the cowl will be looped around your neck, I’m sure it’s unnoticeable.
    Babette is such a work of art! Love how you did that little pink corner.
    I’m having issues w/my sock too so I hear you but it can always be fixed.

  5. The million stripes scarf is great! The green does work – I’m so glad you left it in there. I felt the same way about the first socks I knit – wow, these are different! Let me warn you they are addictive… 😉 I can’t wait to see your ‘ta da’ of Babette!!

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