Life’s going on.

I finished the first sock. I need to tidy up the grafting a little bit. I have cast on the second sock.  Another two colours arrived for Son of Babette. I finished the hat, and never ever wish to see either the yarn or pattern again.  And not related to Year of Projects, but indulge me, my favourite women’s cycling e-tailer had a 50% off coupon for all orders in February. It would have been rude not to, right?

We’ve all had a respiratory bug. This has triggered my asthma, which has been uncomfortable and unpleasant. Much as I would love to be out on my bike, I would be happy to climb a single flight of stairs without having to sit down for a rest at the top. And I am looking forward to waking up one morning without the taste of inhaler spray in my mouth.

The funeral is scheduled for later this week, I hope to be fit enough to travel by then. As one of you so helpfully said in the comments last week, life goes on, even if we don’t really want it to quite yet. I need to get well. In fact, I need to get quite quite well so that my clock has the best possible chance of carrying on well past 57. I need to get back on my bike and do more miles on it, because I really don’t burn many calories knitting. Luckily, as spring gets closer the balance of knitting/cycling should automatically shift a bit.

Thank you again for all the comments, they were lovely to read and it was so welcome to keep a focus on my crafting as well as my grief. I’m going to finish off with a bundle of photos, including some of the Marks & Spencer homes catalogue that was featured in the video that you-tube wasn’t playing last week. I have no idea why M&S don’t have some of these great sets on their website, but never mind. Anyway. Life goes on, there are mouths to feed, lungs to heal, people to love, bikes to ride (albeit not yet and very slowly)  and sisters and unborn babies to knit for. Onwards. Love to you all.




12 thoughts on “Life’s going on.

  1. Hoping you get well, take it easy and look after yourself and you’ll mend quicker…I know easier said than done. Love the sock and the hat looks great but I concur I don’t think I’d like to re knit it either lol.
    Sending thoughts and prayers to you again.

  2. Oh my BOB! The sock! It looks almost exactly like mine……….except that yours doesn’t look like a “first sock.” I used that same yarn on my first pair of socks (and, subsequently a pair of baby socks that I haven’t written the pattern for yet).

    I do love that yarn…

  3. I do not know if you are in to homeopathy at all, but a bit of Ignatia is an excellent remedy to strengthening the mind and body suffering from grief. I find homeopathy excellent for my son’s asthma too – arsenicum album usually does the trick for him, but each remedy is individual to symptoms and state of mind. In your case, I’m getting the feeling ignatia will be very helpful. Stay strong! You projects look gorgeous – just love the colours of the future son of Babette! And oh look, you have my cat’s twin at your house! 😉

  4. Oh bless you, Asthma just zaps you of everything doesn’t it….I do hope that your breathing is back to full capacity soon so that you are better to travel later on in the week.

    Your sock and hat look good, and I love the colours you’ve picked for son of babette, gorgeous. Funnily enough my mum was asking me if I’d seen the m&s home book and was going to bring it when we meet up tomorrow.

    Hope you have a week of recuperation and renewal of energy.x

  5. That sock looks amazing! Well done 🙂 And lots and lots of hugs to you, if you want somewhere to come and have a cup of tea and chat, you know where I am 🙂

  6. I hope your lungs feel better soon. Hang in there, this week sounds like it will be tough.

    On an unrelated note, I need to get back on my bike soon. I was thinking of dressing it up with some yarnie decorations to make it more appealing.

  7. I hope you’re feeling better soon! It sounds like you’ve had a rough time recently. I love all the photos, the teddy is especially cute!

  8. I hope you feel better soon, it doesn’t sound like a good week! Rest and get well, there’s no point in pushing yourself before you tryly ready for it (and that goes for everything, physical and emotional!)

  9. Glad you trooped on and finished that dang hat. Sometimes a pattern isn’t written well and can be frustrating for others.
    Glad you had a little highlight and got to order some yarn. Yes, why not take advantage of a good deal?
    I’m sorry your asthma has been bothering you; that can be scary. I hope you get well soon. So much stress and things to thing about…sigh. Hugs.

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