A new Babette is underway

I’m quietly very happy with it too. The yarn is Rico Creative Cotton and some Lang Tissa. The colours are lovely – I took out some of the stronger colours and what’s left has a charming vintage vibe to it. I’ve finished and joined sections 1 and 2, section 3 is under way. I’m not sure whether I’ll finish up at 6 or 7 sections, I’ll just see how it grows.


My Uncle’s funeral was last Thursday, and a combination of asthma and childcare challenges meant that I didn’t make it to London to say my goodbyes. When I looked at the sky in the afternoon I knew that he was gone, and somehow that made things a bit easier. I did a cycle ride this morning, with pockets full of inhalers – I’m determined to get some of the local hills under my belt, in his name.


7 thoughts on “A new Babette is underway

  1. Love the new babette colors, just perfectly lovely. The orange and green look a little like tic tacs don’t they.

    I’m glad you’ve got out on the bike today, and those hills have your name written all over them I’m sure!

  2. We will have to nickname you “Super Babette”! You have gone and done it again–chosen colors that work perfectly with each other. On a more serious note–I now how frustrating asthma can be, so take care of yourself. Also–I am sending you me sincerest condolences for your loss. I sure hope you are able to find glimpses of peace, calm and happiness this week.
    *smiles & a hug*

  3. You are amazing to start another Babette — it’s looking lovely. Again, sorry for this difficult and sad time in your life. Thinking of your uncle and remembering him is the most genuine thing you can do in his honor.

  4. Wonderful spring colors you’ve been using there.
    I’m sorry you weren’t able to make it to his service but he must know that you love him, remember him, and will honor him. XO

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