20 miles on the bike, 3 rows on a sock

and many hours in the park. Can you tell it’s been sunny here this week? In a masterstroke of planning I managed to go out riding in the one single hour that was overcast and threatening rain, but two other sunny rides have made up for that. So not much crafting. I’m still a bit short of colour inspiration, so my crafting for the week has been limited to (1) Finding the second sock and (2) joining the cast on stitches and working the first three rows.

But, I’m finding a groove again. It will be a new fitter groove, but it will also accommodate beautiful blankets and snuggly socks. I hope you have all had a great week.

Sincere apologies to Evelyn and everyone whose “Comment” button has disappeared since I nailed down my privacy settings. It may be a long haul getting it back again.


9 thoughts on “20 miles on the bike, 3 rows on a sock

  1. Was working on getting my bike ready to ride again. It needs to be cleaned, and oiled; but got a new more comfy seat put on today and new hand grips, and order myself a digital odometer. It’s a process. Hubby says he’ll work at getting things oiled soon.
    And now, I return to my yarn.

    • It’s a new bike – arrived just before Christmas last year and this has been the first real chance to do anything other than shopping miles on it. As you say, the socks will still be there when the weather turns.

  2. Sounds like a great week, I to have spent most of mine out doors taking advantage of the wonderful weather, we’ll find out groove again and will be a lot more productive lol.

  3. Good for you getting out cycling…the weather makes me feel more motivated to get going. I am rubbish at cycling, but have been enjoying walking fast paced with the dog, feeling the sun on my face, my freckles hav all suddenly appeared to.

    Looking forward to seeing your work now you’ve found your new groove, can you cycle and knit at the same time….now there would be a sight to be seen!

    • ha! Some days I can barely knit when it has my entire focus, combining it with cycling might be an interesting experience 🙂 My freckles aren’t quite out yet, normally a bit closer to summer for me.

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