Getting better…

Relatively speaking. This week saw 28.5 sun-shiny miles on the bicycle and the second sock frogged (poor join) and restarted with half an inch of ribbing now done. I don’t feel too bad about it – the weather has been beautiful and I am so much better both mentally and physically for the exercise. There’s another trip down West coming up soon and I always have plenty of time to craft there. It’s Easter break now so pretty much everything is playing second fiddle to keeping Small Girl busy and happy.

Good luck to everyone who’s been dusting off and servicing their bikes ready for the summer. The way I look at it is that 20miles a week should statistically give me more years knitting time, and saves a bit of petrol money to go towards yarn in the meantime. Win win. I hope you’ve all had a great week, however you’ve spent it.


7 thoughts on “Getting better…

  1. How does spending time on your bike give you more knitting time? I’m not following, but need to, as I’ve been gearing up for biking as well.

  2. Hi Sandy! Various studies in Europe suggests that if you regularly cycle short journeys rather than driving them, you can increase your life by up to 14 months. This is in addition to halving the risk of heart disease with cycling 20miles/week, and better health in general. So if I keep on riding the shopping and nursery run, that will give me just over a year of “free” knitting time, assuming of course that I’m still able to knit.

  3. Oh boy I think I should invest in a bicycle, I have wayyyyy more projects both knitting and stitching wise that need doing in this lifetime so I reckon I could do with all the extra help. The weather here to has been glorious but instead of being out cycling I’ve been gardening, does that do anything for extra years ? Anyway this week we are told returns the rain 😦
    Enjoy your cycling.

  4. Thank you! I think tomorrow is the last half-decent day, so child permitting, my crafting will be getting a lot more love later on in the week. I’m sure gardening must be good for you too, though in my experience cycling hurts less….

  5. Cycling might hurt less for you, but I can tell you I fall off so often I am definitely better at gardening!

    Glad you’re enjoying the sunshine, we’ve been getting out walking as a family which has done the kids loads of good and surely broadened their horizons.

    Enjoy your week!

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