Rainy days and Sundays

….are always the best for crafting. I’ve done a bit more ribbing on the second sock, finished off the squares for section 3 of the Babette and have woven in a few ends. The week’s also seen a bike maintenance class, some follow-up fettling, a couple of bike rides, packing for a few days with my family and driving us down here.

No crafting pictures I’m afraid, but here is a picture of Small Girl studiously counting her generous Easter egg hunt haul this morning. Luckily she’s good at sharing. I hope you and your families have had a great holiday weekend.  Once again apologies to Faith, Evelyn, Miss Elle and all other Blogger/blogspot bloggers who haven’t seen a comment for me in some weeks, I am still trying to resurrect the “Comment” button on these blogs. Happy Birthday Evelyn, if I haven’t already missed it!



7 thoughts on “Rainy days and Sundays

  1. What do you mean resurrect the comment button? Cute picture, I can almost here her counting. Sounds like you’re making headway with your projects. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing your babette in the new colours.

    Really glad you are enjoying your away time and a bit more cycling, small girl certainly looks like she is enjoying herself!

    I didn’t realise you were having problems commenting. I took the captcha off a month or so ago, thnkn it made it easier for people to comment, but maybe it doesn’t?

    (looking up, my iPads spell checker thingy certainly doesn’t meet all the requirements, but I think that’s fairly cool if I was only up on text spellings….like kids whose names have no vowels in them)

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing Babette again! Good luck with your cycling – if there weather says good I shold get my bike out I think.

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