Baby Babette

The second Babette is coming along. Sections 1-4 all finished and joined, I’m just weaving in the last few ends before starting section 5. This one will be 6 or 7 sections in total, I’m not sure which yet. The colours are a little brighter than in the photo, the sun was just too strong to take the photo out of shadow. It’s for a boy baby, so I need to gently change the colour balance as the blanket gros in its funny spiral way. There’s another inch or so of sock ribbing done too, it seems to be taking an age.


I wasn’t very clear last week about my commenting problem – apologies. My laptop is now set up with fairly tight privacy settings for cookies and tracking protection (it’s a long story, but I got mad about being followed around the internet for weeks by a supermarket ad for a bag of potatoes. I mean, all the billions of pounds and years of time invested in developing the web, and it’s being used to stalk me for a 2pound bag of spuds?) Anyway, the last round of changes meant that the Comment button on some Google blogs literally disappeared. I’ve taken an old laptop out of retirement, loosened the privacy settings, and now use that one purely for commenting on blogs, and my notebook for general surfing and any financial transactions.

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week.


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