well, that wasn’t the plan at all

Apologies for the lack of update last week. The Mister was away Stateside for two weeks, which coincided with a fortnight of atrocious weather and a child who simply could not use up all her energy. Come evening time, all I was fit for was loading the dishwasher, putting the milk out and watching The Apprentice or Desperate Housewives.

I did however buy a couple more colours for the baby Babette – a nice praline-y brown and a Kermit bright green. This morning has seen an 8-round square hop off my hook, and I’ve added a handful of rounds to the never-ending second sock.  I’m happy, though. I always aim too high, both with housework and with leisure time. I squeezed in a fair amount of work on the bikes, whilst Small Girl played in the normally forbidden garage, and managed to get seven miles ridden in between showers. I’m hoping that things will get back to normal now that there are two of us to wear her out. The forecast is still rain, there’s nothing left to do to the bikes, so hopefully I’ll make some crafting progress this week.



7 thoughts on “well, that wasn’t the plan at all

  1. Nice square, and pretty pretty colors both in the square and new additions. Glad you’ve made headway on the bike. I wanted to go today; but since I just mowed the lawn…they might be enough exercise for one day.

  2. That praline colour is a great colour in the mix isn’t it?

    Know what you mean about the weather, it’s has been awful here too, I’ve been soaked too many times…..hopefully this week will see change, and dryer clothes!

    Have a good week.x

  3. Love the yarn, but am sorry for all your rain. We are drowning here also, and warm weather is all we want. 🙂

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